Hi all...Im considering the Springfield XD 5 inch in 9mm...?

Question is, what kind of kick or recoil do these guns have, if any...I like the feel of the gun...fits the hand well...but have never actually fired one...kinda going partly on the XD reputation here...

ps...has anyone got an opinion on the new Taurus 1911 .45?

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    1 decade ago
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    i have the xd in 45 acp 5 inch tactical , not recoil issue with me, my son 13 fires it all the time, and he is consistent with his shots, very well pleased with it

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    The Springfield XD 9mm is a terrific gun! The 9mm doesn't have very much recoil. Recoil only affects shooting if you don't know how to handle it. I say go for it!

    Concerning the Taurus 1911, I would just as soon spend the same amount of money on a Springfield 1911. Taurus isn't a bad gun, but there are better ones for the same price or a little more. Good luck!

    Source(s): 7 years of research and a job at an indoor gun range
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    I've shot an XD in 45 with a 4". It kicked a little, but felt pretty good in the hands. With a 9mm, you'll have recoil, but its not going to be anything you can't handle, especially since the 5" will have a little more weight.

    Regarding the Taurus 1911. If you can find one, they aren't bad. But you get what you pay for. Check for rust spots. We found rust in the firing pin chamber, not something you would expect to see. Just surface stuff, nothing that had eaten through.

    To me, it shot a little low compared to my Kimber TLE.

    If I had to choose between the XD and the Taurus, I'd go with the XD as I already have a 1911 that I like better than the Taurus. I just can't fall in love with the Taurus.

    Someone mentioned in the Walther P99. I've shot the Smith & Wesson version in .40SW. Loved it, but not enough to want to buy one. I was impressed with it, and it shot fairly well.

    There is also S&W's M&P series. I haven't tried them yet, but they looked promising.

    Oh... And I love the 1911s!!!

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Excellent pistol. Good capacity and handling characteristics. Ambidextrous even. Has a grip safety, which is unique to the Springfield XD compared to the competition (S&W M&P and Glock). The XD comes standard with a holster, magazine pouch, and magazine loading tool. The plastic case is pretty nice, also, as far as factory cases go. Very reliable and accurate. The XDM is supposed to be a little more accurate... But I would base my decision more off of how the grip feels, since they have different grips. Both are accurate. As far as feel goes, that's up to you... Go to the show and feel it. I would give Glock17, Glock19, and S&W M&P9 a look. They are the competition, and they're both nice alternatives. The Sig-Sauer P226, Sig-Sauser P229, Beretta PX4 Storm, Beretta M9, and Beretta 92FS are considerably different from the Glock, S&W M&P, and Springfield XD... but they are also very well made pistols, and deserve a look. If you're really spendy.... Check out the H&K P30 and H&K P2000. Expensive, but some people like them. (I'm not that fond of H&Ks, aside from the P30 which has about the most comfortable grip I've ever felt... Still not fond of the features, or the price.)

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  • 1 decade ago

    I own an XD9 and to tell you the truth there is hardly any kickback. There is some, don't get me wrong. The trigger squeeze is what I like most about the handgun, I prefer it over a glock. The only bad thing about the handgun is there is no safety lock, but I've smacked it holding the back grip safety and it hasn't fired.

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    remember a while back when the xd used to be called the h.s 2000 and distributers couldnt give these guns away. so springfield puts there name on them and all of a sudden a star is born. back when these croation guns were being entered onto the market they retailed for about 350 dollars. now there closer to 500dollars. same gun different name. do yourself a favor check out a walther p99 nice gun with a nice fit.

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    Fired the service model (.45), kick is nothing to me. My accuracy needs work (I am used to long arms) but it is quite easy to get a three inch grouping at 15 feet.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    personally i love my xd - 9 SUB COMPACT \but hay you want to go for the full size your choice i think it,s one of the best one,s out there point,s damn good and not much recoil the only issue i have is finding more of the extended mag,s

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