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engineering careers?

im looking to change careers. I have considered environmental engineering. Can anybody give me some feedback on the profession. Is there jobs, is it worth it, what are the negative aspects of the job, salary, job satisfaction. I am currently an RN, and I've learned my lesson. I want to make a calculated risk.

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    Environmental engineers are in high demand right now, and probably will be for a while. It does not pay as well as some of the other branches of engineering (chemical or electrical for example) because you can get into environmental with lots of different degrees (geology, biology, chemical engineering, environmental engineering, etc). But it will pay better than a lot of other careers.

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    Definately,the career prospect in this field is very bright.All big companies are giving more focus on SHE i.e. safety ,health & environment.The job is white colour job with very - very low risk.The company is giving very good salary to a suitable candidate for this field.

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