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Pokemon team? Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

im around 2nd badge just started on road 206 207 but what is the best adivce for my team. (and pokemon i should capture to make it better)

Prinplup- Bide Peck BubblebBeam Watersport (lvl. 25)

Staravia-Tackle Endeavor Quick Attack Wing Attack (Lvl. 18)

Zubat- Leech Life Super Sonic (Lvl. 8 Shared Exp)

Luxio-Tackle Leer Spark Bite (Lvl 21)

Ponyta-Tackle Growl Tailwhip

Machop- Low kick Rocksmash Focus Energy

(But i need a pokemon that can use Cut)

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    great team for now. actually, it's probably more than enough. many dont even bother using pokemon other than the starter, staravia, and luxio. Bidoof makes a great HM user. Fire pokemon are somewhat rare in these games, so maybe keep the ponyta. if i were u i wouldnt bother with zubat and machop since they might end up taking up exp that could just go to staravia, prinplup, luxio. just my opinion though.

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    You team looks good, in fact it's not far off what i just recomended to a friend who started playing a few days ago since he's in about the same spot. Bidoofs can learn almsot every hm so they make a good hm slave. Budews can also learn cut, but nothing else.

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    You're team is okay for now. I wouldn't teach any of my team members an HM except for Surf and fly though. Just use a bidoof and teach it most of the hm's.

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    Its too early to be worrying about your team so early off, but i should warn you when prinpul evolves empoleon is a terrible pokemon. its 2nd type of steel makes it vulberable to ground and fire does regular damage, and machop can be a little less helpful in the league

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    Its a tight line-up but u need to throw budew somewhere in there, the grass type is realkly gonna come in handy early plus it can learn cut. Goodluck

  • Debra
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    4 years ago

    Awesome team! I would recomend though changing Absol for Darkrai and Rayquaza for Giratina.

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    get a bidoof it can learn cut. it evolves into bibarel. it is a good pokemon. my pokemon team crushes everyone elses pokemon so i have starraptor, empoleon, luxio, dialga (legendary pokemon), geodude, and floatzel.

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  • elfwae
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    always keep a throwaway monster or two to teach hm's and to use as a pawn for when one of your pokemon dies and you need to use revive or something.

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