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Can a Male Pikachu and a ditto breed?

Im trying to get a pichu but i dont know if a ditto can breed with a Male Pikachu

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  • def.
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    1 decade ago
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    Yes a ditto has no gender and can breed with any pokemon any gender since it can transform into it and it can not be breeded with legendaries

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    A Ditto can breed woth any gender Pokemon. If the non-Ditto parent is male, the baby can also inherit some of his moves.

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    A ditto can breed with any of the pokemon since they can potentially morph into any one of them. just leave them there to breed for awhile and you should see an egg.

  • korol
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    4 years ago

    only connect a easy ball; i'm particularly confident that there is a 5 % possibility of a wild pikachu preserving the easy ball so only seize a wild one in viridian woodland and breed afterwards.

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    since when can pokemon breed? im way behind!!

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    yes. any pokemon of any gender can.

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