How to deal with voltage variations between my 50 MW generator and grid power?

How and what would you use to control the differences in voltages (hi and low differences)? The plant generator is 50MW, but plant load is 65MW so it is drawing 15MW off the grid.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    A good Voltage Regulator and/or some sort of power factor controller should be able to handle it. Many modern VR's have a power factor setpoint. They control excitation to hold your desired PF setpoint no matter what your import/export level is. If you're holding a PF setpoint, this takes care of variations in the utility voltage automatically. Many load and synchronizing controls can bias even older regulators (If they're capable) to maintain a desired power factor or kVAR setpoint. Good manufacturers include: for voltage regulators and PF controls for speed & sync/load controls that control PF

    I've done a lot with these two brands, they've got something that'll work for your application.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Barber Coleman / Woodward, and Bassler are two good companys for this type of equipment.

    In theory, the grid is such a large force that once the generator is synced up and the voltage is close, when you connect to the grid the voltage and the frequency will lock itself to the grid and not vary. However, it is a little more complicated in practice. All major switch gear manufacturers can supply the equipment and the expertise to make it all happen.

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