I have a 95 Yamaha FZR. When I turn off the key the lights and engine are still on, even w/ the switch off???

I have to unplus the fuse underneath the seat or it'll kill my battery, very annoying.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    This is pretty common problem. Without knowing your exact model, I can make only guesses, but I suggest grabbing a VOM (multimeter) and turn the ignition key off, and take some readings.

    The ignition switch controls a relay, mostly because it's a bad practice to put the 50 or so amps through a key turned switch. Every wire in the bike goes through that relay pretty much. Since the switch is low current it's actually rare (possible, but rare) for one to go in that way. Mostly the starter springs go.

    and the contacts, prevent the bike from starting, not kill it.

    If you flip the kill switch and the engine continues to run, it almost has to be some kind of wiring problem. Check:

    1) Starter Relay

    2) cut off relay if you have one.

    3) kill switch (check this first) it's easy.

    4) ignition harness connector. This puppy shorts out a lot.

    5) wiring runs. sometimes the wiring gets squished by general riding type stuff and cross connects.

    if you disconnect the harness connector and the bike keeps running, then it almost has to be possessed and you need a priest.

    J/K. then it is the back end of the connector and you are gonna need a new one.

    I see this alot with 90's Yamahas

    If it was an 80s I would say main fuse box.

    Given all these things you need a manual, shop preferred, haynes will work, a VOM, strippers, wire cutters, crimpers and tape. You will also need automotive style connectors. TAPE the CRIMP JOINTS or you will regret it. Crimp the joints so that they dont wiggle but don't cut through the insulation.

    Good Luck.

    you can troubleshoot the problem by disconnecting the ignition harness with the engine running, starter relay etc.. Try not to electrocute yourself. 12 volts wont kill you, but it will burn, spark and generally all around ruin your day.

    I would think it would probably NOT be the ignition, but it's an easy check.

    Current is like water in pipes. IF you turn your switch off, and have current on the outputs, then the switch is bad. Generally the red wire is hot, and the brown is utility and black or green is ground.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Install a new ignition switch.

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  • 1 decade ago

    yeah probly the ignition switch going out.

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