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He made a point of telling me that I can call him?

My man is a fisherman and his days and early evenings are spent doing what he needs to for fishing. He makes every attempt of seeing me when he can (usually every other night if he's not out on his boat) and he calls before he goes to bed or when he's on his way home from a trip. Needless to say he does the majority of the calling in the relationship. It's not that I don't want to call I just don't feel a need to call just to say hi and see how he is when I know he's busy. I will call however if I do have something to tell him that can not wait until I see or hear from him which has only happened a couple of times.

Last night he mentioned how he's unable to see me during the day because of his schedule which I understand but that I can call him. Was he hinting that he wants me to call just to say hi or was he giving me confirmation that I can call when I need to? I try and show him that even though I don't call I still care about him. I just don't feel the need to call for nothing


I appreciate your opinions but westfield, I wasn't asking what you thought of his occupation which by the way he's made more so far this summer than a lot of people I know make in a year. The smell of fish doesn't bother me and it isn't something to reject someone over. Ever heard of a shower? Also, he has given the relationship plenty of time. We've known eachother almost 8 months, the first 6 we were friends first (my terms). I'd say he's been more than patient.

Update 2:

My apologies. I miss read that. I think seeing him every other night is a fair amount. Actually, it works for me as I have a couple nights a week to myself. Of course, some times more if he's out on the boat which he's never really gone for that long. Also, it's just for the summer, I'll have him all to myself during the winter.

Update 3:

I'm sorry, I didn't mean nothing like it's not worth it to call. Of course it is! I just meant that I didn't want to call when I know he's busy only to say hi but I've realized now that that is what he wants.

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    What do you mean by "call for nothing" . This is strange in light of the fact that your boyfriend, a busy fisherman, makes time to call you. Doesn't he call just to say hi? Haven't you heard of romance and don't you want it in your relationship? Your boyfriend is just trying to let you know how much he misses you on those cold seas and how much hearing from you (yes, if only to say hi )would mean to him. You say you love him and I believe you. However,love combines words and action not just words alone.Whether it is to say hi or to talk about a major issue, your man is trying to tell you that he would like you to call him. Please hear his cry before it's too late.Good luck.

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    Soemtimes people like to get calls from that special someone just so they know that they are being thought about. Since you don't get to see each other that much, sounds like he really misses you. I'd give him a call every once in awhile just like he asked, so he knows you care! That is reason enough. :)

    It's not calling for nothing... it's probably very reassuring to him! :)

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    He probably just misses you, and wants to know that you think about him during the day as much as he does

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    my guess is that other guys he works with are getting calls and he would like to get a few.

    try it once.. then later.. ask if that call was ok.. or if it would be better to just call if needed (even though you miss him and would like to call more often)

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    Wow...imagine him coming home night after night after night...smelling like fish.... doesn't that sound just wonderful. I think besides the smell, you need a guy that can give a relationship time...obviously he doesn't have much.


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