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Should there be a watchdog for News agencies to ensure responsible reporting?

A watch dog to ensure that editorial comment is not confused with reporting news

A watch dog to ensure that clips aired are not edited in a fashion that decieves ? For instance Fox news does this a lot

A watch dog that ensures that events are presented in a factual manner

Lets face it the majority of news stations are owned in the US by partisan persons of extreme wealth and they use this wealth aand ownership to alter news they present to agree with their own opinion

That is simply not responsible broadcasting

Should their be an indepndant watch dog to ensure that ownership of a station does not bias the presentation of facts and enforces a standard of responsible broadcasting ?


The House voted overwhelmingly yesterday to prohibit the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) from using taxpayer dollars to impose the Fairness Doctrine on broadcasters who feature conservative radio hosts such as Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

By a vote of 309-115, lawmakers amended the Financial Services and General Government appropriations bill to bar the FCC from requiring broadcasters to balance conservative content with liberal programming such as Air America.

The vote count was partly a testament to the influence that radio hosts wield in many congressional districts.

It was also a rebuke to Democratic senators and policy experts who have voiced support this week for regulating talk radio.

House Democrats argued that it was merely a Republican political stunt because there is little danger of the FCC restricting conservative radio while George W. Bush is president.

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    The hate radio aficionados would never go for it. They love their bias and hold it up proudly for everyone to see.

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    Actual reporting and fact finding is nothing more then a few mouse clicks these days .

    Most local news services have an action reporter who does consumer interest stories exposing some of the local businesses that are ripping off customers .

    Rarely does a reporter go after real news about politicians and their associates .

    What laws they are voting on and how it will effect the local people .

    This would actually be news and people want fluff or they change the channel .

    Its got to have sex ,drugs ,and larceny to get any attention and only then if it involves some celebrity or major crime .

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    There are several independent organizations that do just that. FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting is one from the left, AIM (Accuracy In Media) is an example from the right. The FCC really ought to be doing some of what you are suggesting, but the big broadcasting lobby has spent a lot of money to get the politicians to defang the agency, now all they do is stand around and count cuss words and boobies.

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    Yes -- the viewers. People need to be independent and motivated enough to check "facts" in news stories for themselves. If only one person is saying it a certain way while others are saying it a whole different way, it's worth looking into, isn't it? But forcing them to be accurate (as seems to be your proposal) opens the door to some frightening possibilities -- what if the watchman doesn't want some little detail to get out? All he has to do is say that it isn't reported in a responsible manner, and suddenly there's no story. Yes, I can see this plan backfiring quite nicely.

    By the way, I'm glad to see my story's getting out -- you copied your "Additional Details" thing directly from the article I posted a few minutes ago. Not that I'm complaining -- the more people that know about this, the better, in my mind.

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    It does exist, and we are it. Remember, it was a blogger who nailed Dan Rather on the faked Bush National Guard documents.

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    Yes, the American public. No More Government B.S.!

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    It already exists. It is the on-off switch on your TV or radio.

    Or the up or down channel button on the remote or dial.

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    We are the watch dogs, we choose to watch what we watch, and learn about lies and truths, and truths wrapped in lies on the web. The web is the leveler.

    Source(s): Ron Paul 08
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    Not a new one. No new government agencies. Please!!

    Free speech is the best thing in the world!!

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    No to censorship in all forms.

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