How does one become a member?

--of The Synagogue of Satan ?--and what circumcision avails to the gaining of salvation ?--and which one does not ?

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    "what circumcision avalis"

    In Christianity,

    "Christians rejected circumcision at the Council at Jerusalem. (Acts 15 ) St. Paul, the apostle to the gentiles, taught parents that they should not circumcise their children. (Acts 21:25 ) In a reference to the old practices of genital mutilation, St. Paul warned Titus to beware of the "circumcision group." (Titus 1:10-16 )"

    It was required in Judaism, but there is a growing trend of not circumcising in that religion now.

    Moses and his sons were not circumcised. (Exodus 4:25) Although Moses apparently prohibited circumcision during the 40 years in the wilderness, (Joshua 5:5) Joshua reinstituted circumcision at Gilgal after the death of Moses. (Joshua 5:2-10)

    Israeli Association Against Genital Mutilation:

    Jews Against Circumcision (JAC):

    "Any medical procedure that involves even the possibility of risk to life is halachically forbidden. Judaism affirms the sanctity of human life, embracing the idea that every life is of infinite value. Halakah also tells us that since danger to life takes precedence over all else, medically hazardous procedures are strictly forbidden. The halacha (jewish law) recognizes the potential for harm that circumcision can bring, and so it stipulates that if a mother has 'lost' a child to circumcision , she is not obligated to circumcise future sons... this can be extrapolated to our shared humanity..enough mothers and children have suffered from this procedure..enough sons have been lost..let love and healing take precedence over fear and cutting

    It is a violation of Torah commandments to physically assault or harm another person (Exodus 21:18-27). Yet that is exactly what circumcision is! Thus, it is against the most fundamental concept of Jewish law.

    We must embrace the notion of Bris Shalom, in which the genital mutilation part of the ceremony is omitted.

    Some Jews are afraid to look at circumcision for what it is because they think that if you’re against circumcision, you’re anti-semitic. That is a ridiculous notion. Jews are not defined by our practices. In fact, the only requirement for Judaism is that you are born of a Jewish mother. Jews are taught to pursue education and question everything. We have questioned many practices in the Torah. Due to our enlightment and education, we no longer practice some of them.

    For people who use the anti-semitism argument, the analogy I like to use is, if 90% of all black people smoke and you’re against smoking, you’re not anti-black, you’re anti-smoking. It’s the practice, not the people.”"

    Medically, According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) "there is little evidence to affirm the association between circumcision status and optimal penile hygiene." [ ]

    Hygiene and prevention of disease are among the commonest reasons cited for performing male circumcision. This directory contains references that examine the validity of these claims in detail:

    "Circumcision removes the most sensitive parts of the penis and decreases the fine-touch pressure sensitivity of glans penis. The most sensitive regions in the uncircumcised penis are those parts ablated by circumcision. When compared to the most sensitive area of the circumcised penis, several locations on the uncircumcised penis that are missing from the circumcised penis were significantly more sensitive." Circumcision cuts off the five most sensitive points on the penis [Touch test sensitivity experiment, British Journal of Urology 2007, copy of report: ].

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    Join a religion the xtians don't like.

    Circumcision comes from the Law of Moses, and is done by Jews to set themselves apart from the goyim.

    Christians have decided that they're exempt from the Law, because they're now under "Grace", because St. Paul converted the heathen and gave the Early Church an ultimatum - accept these churches or be consided as laughingstocks. Therefore can ignore everything the OT has to say about obeying the "Jewish" Law, except all the stuff that condemns people they don't like, want to put down, nor approve of.

    Circumcision in the U.S. was widespread as a "hygenic" practice around the 1950's. I don't know if this barbaric insanity is still practiced as a medical proceedure...

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    About synagouge of Stn - i really dont know

    Regarding the next Q:

    it's the circumcision of the heart that gains salvation. Circumcision of the flesh doesn't.

    It's only the Salvation thru JesusChrist that can redeem you from sin and place you in heaven.

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    why would you want to join the synagogue of satan....the one who wants to kill you. just wondering. Jesus=eternal peace and salvation, citizenship in heaven. satan= eternal damnation, pain and suffering, citizenship in the lake of fire and brimstone, aka hell. what's the problem, doesn't take rocket science.

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    By having sticky fingers or knowing how to steal. VIVA LA RAZA!

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    where do you live? I am in seattle.

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