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Is Kim Jong Min the funniest korean celebrity?

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    I wouldn't say so. There are a lot of comedians that are way funnier. For example, Tak Jae Hoon. He's pretty much my favorite. Any of the MC's/comedians on Sang Sang Plus are very funny. As far as celebrities who aren't comedians, there are a few that are really funny. I'm just listing some that are in the entertainment business that I think are pretty funny.

    Myung Hoon from NRG


    MC Mong

    Kang Ho Dong

    Park Myung Soo

    Shin Jung Hwan

    Jo Hae Ryun

    I think Kim Jong Min is funny in a kind of dumb way. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore him, but he's not funny in that witty, clever way...

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    what about bobby lee is he korean ? he funnt though

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