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Can someone give me a list of Japanese Rock Bands? And where do you download their songs in mp3 format?

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    I SERIOUSLY reccomend:

    alice nine.

    the GazettE

    Antic Cafe





    Moi Dix Mois


    Luna Sea

    If you want mp3's, just e-mail me at:! =]

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    I didn't see the Kerrang 100 list so I don't know if yours is better BUT I can't agree with any rock list that doesn't have Foghat in the top 100 somewhere. Foghat was one of the best rock bands ever and should be in at least the top 20! The Scorpions, The Kinks, Ten Years After, Jethro Tull, Credence Clearwater Revival, Frank Zappa, Krokus, Dokken, Tesla, and Foreigner should also be on the list before The Cars or Styx!

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    Shanghai Restoration Project. Best Buy.

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    Yui- try limewire or the CD at FYE

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    you can get a list on wikipedia

    [so helpfull]

    and you can download on blubster!

    [i think its better than limewire]

    =] .xc.

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