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8 Doctors from around the globe - and they came up with a failed car bomb ?

The eight suspects held Tuesday in the failed car bombing plot include one doctor from Iraq and two from India. There is a doctor from Lebanon and a Jordanian doctor and his medical assistant wife. Another doctor and a medical student are thought to be from the Middle East.

All employees of Britain's National Health Service, some worked together as colleagues at hospitals in England and Scotland, and experts and officials say the evidence points to the plot being hatched after they met each other in the U.K., rather than overseas.


1) I understand no one was hurt

I am very glad - I understand that the authorities got there in time and again I am very glad


I have never really been a big fan of Dr's per say -

But a doctor is supposed to be an educated sort of person

A person capable of thinking planning and so on -


Maybe I am really dumb here Maybe you can help

It took 8 doctors from around the globe - 8 Young well educated men of substantial economic worth

And I am to believe that these guys came up with a crude plot useing petrol and nails - to blow up a car and somehow it took all 8 and that is the best these men could do ?


I am really glad the plot failed - but somthing just seems wrong with this story

8 teenagers who dropped out of school OK I could see that

8 drunk idiots - sure

---8 Dr's with a good education and a good income etc ---

Wow I will never agiain go to a Dr

Update 2:

Did they want it to "look" like an uneducated crude sort of person did this

Because that is the only way I can buy this story at all

Update 3:


Yes I know I get homesick as well and all I did was go from one part of the Province to another - (70 miles is not that far )

Thats not my point - These are supposed to be smart educated people

Update 4:


I think you know what a stupid comment that is - and I think you know what the question really was

Update 5:


They were recognised by British health - They are better educated than the American doctor and they can go any where in the world

But even if what you said was true -

8 nurses - It took 8 nurses to come up with a plot like this from around the globe ?

The people who are presenting these stories aren't even trying anymore

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    For such educated people, they are not very good terrorists, are they

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    Yeah, but I expect that if they put some Forensic Accountants on the case, we'll learn that these guys have been funding other terrorist plots for quite some time.

    Perhaps they ran out of trained operatives, and are now having to eat the geese that lay their golden eggs.

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    And your question is?

    Oh yeah, you forgot the part about them all being 25-30 year old muslims.

    A Pakistani doctor also traveled to Kabul Afghanistan to blow himself up along with Afghan Police recruits.

    Fact is that even "educated" people can be religous zealots.

    Those 8 were given all the opportunity to suceed in England and they turned on those given them charity.

    Guess we'll have to re-think that theory that if we're just nice to them, they won't be terrorists.

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    Outside the U.S., a doctor is no more educated than a U.S. nurse. When a doctor comes to the U.S. to work, he'll get a job as a doctor. If a guy in the U.S. fluks medical school in the U.S., he could go to another country and become a doctor.

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  • 1 decade ago might be due to where they got their education. As to when and where they met, it is when you are separated from your home that you love it the most. When my ex was stationed in Germany, we lived there for 4 years...and our love of the US grew stronger the longer we lived there...we missed everything, especially american commercials...and toast.

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    Gotta love the English medical care

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    Somebody came up with it.

    It will be several years before the full story is out though, so don't hold your breath.

    I'm sure they received help from you know where.

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    they failed because they were doctor's playing engineers... what a bunch of f**tards

  • Anonymous
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    Hey, their specialty is biology, not bombs. They screwed up by not hiring a specialist.

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