Is is true that both ferrets and monkeys are illegal to have as pets in New York City?

If so, why?

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    Yes ferrets are illegal in all of the five burrows of NYC since 1999. All fur bearing mammals of the family Mustelidae are banned(which includes ferrets). Monkeys are also illegal, the ban includes all non human primates.

    "For many years, the New York City Board of Health has maintained that "Dangerous wild animals naturally inclined to do harm" were prohibited in New York City's five boroughs. The Board of Health also maintained that ferrets fell into that category of "Dangerous wild animals..." However, since ferrets are domesticated -not wild, and since they are neither dangerous nor naturally inclined to do harm, the ban -worded as such- did not apply to ferrets.

    Ferrets are legal in New York State, and although it is illegal to sell ferrets in NYC, there was no written law anywhere prohibiting their possession inside of New York City. Since the NYC Department of Health was unable to enforce the "Dangerous wild animal..." ban as it applied to ferrets, the Board of Health decided to amend the health code to include a specific list of animals of their own choosing to ban in New York City. Ferrets are included in that list."

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    Probably. I would assume the NYC has fairly strict rules about pets, among other things, simply because of the population density. Everyone lives quite close together so rules have to be made for such things to attempt to keep peace between neighbors.

    There are likely also health codes at work. Again, when a population lives so closely disease spreads quickly. An exotic pet, such as a monkey or ferret, that transmitted a disease to it's owner would quickly infect an entire building if not the neighborhood. Depending on what the disease is, and monkeys can carry some nasty ones, it could quickly become an epidemic.

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    5 years ago

    FERRET, monkeys smell just as bad and are very mean. Do NOT get a monkey, you will regret it, i know it sounds like a good idea, it did to me to but trust me don't do it, they are SO hard to take care of, and some can be very mean, especially when they get older! I had a ferret not long ago, yes they do stink but you just have to clean its box, most of them are trained to go in a little box which makes it easy, and they are HILARIOUS pets, and totally adorable!

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    1 decade ago

    I'm not sure about ferrets but monkeys...i dont know but do they look like domestic animals to you? monkeys are not like dogs or cats and require special care. they are very intelligent animals and have hands like us so you can imagine what kind of mischief theyll get into. also they might become much more territorial and maybe even agressive as they hit puberty.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes, they spread disease and in a crowded city like NYC it would spread like wildfire.

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