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I have a judgement against me for injury in accident, I'm caring for my mother who has cancer, what can I do?

I was involved in a car accident two years ago in the state of Arkansas. I thought I was insured at the time but it results that the payment I gave was late so they didn't cover my auto. The other driver's passenger, I strongly believe faked an injury and have witnesses who seen her get out of the car fine and all of the sudden fell out when the police got there. An ambulance came and got her. The van was in front of me made a sudden stop to turn left without a signal light. The impact was very minor and caused minor damage to vehicles. Well now the insurance company is sueing me for more than $20,000. I want to fight this case because I know deep down my heart and mind that this lady faked an injury. My court was FEB5 2007. I was late for court. My mom was having surgery the next day which I had to care for her before and after. She was later diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I have a judgement against me. Its hard to think of this and take care of my mom. I have to do something. What

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    You have several choices:

    1. do nothing until the insurance agent tries to enforce the judgment. They can garnish your wages, put liens on any property that you own.

    2. is contact the insurance company and try to work out a payment plan you can live with.

    3. filebankruptcy.

    Me i would do nothing until they try to enforce the judgment , then i would file bankruptcy, it will cost you 6 or 7 hundred dollars to file. your choice are limited because the time to fight the charges were before they got the judgment, best of luck i will pray that your mother gets well real soon.

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