question for ebay users- dodging the fees?

I sold an item on ebay and I'm not happy with the ridiculous fees that I have been billed for from Ebay for the sale of the item. I pay my taxes, am a law abiding citizen, but today I'm just going to say, "screw it". Its a massive corporate giant, and i dont feel like paying them their overpriced fees that they have piled on. I have a question for other ebay users; if there is no credit card or bank account on file, they can't really get money out of you, right? The balance just adds up in your account until it is paid?

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    Don't use ebay ... if you are going to start a business auctioning things off such as items you find at yard sales and such ... use with no No Listing Fees, No Commission or End-of-Auction Fees you have nothing to loose. With ebay you'll be paying all kinds of fees and if nothing sells from the start they can add up quick. http://www.onlineauctionexchange/ give you the opportunity to start earning cash right from the start. And whats really cool is they give you $1000 worth of credit to start off. Use the credit for premium auction listings are to open you own online store ... great website, a must see for any hard core online auctioneer.

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    The fees are right there in black and white when you signed up to sell the item. While i agree that the fees can be high depending on how many plusses you added but that is not the fault of eBay, it was YOUR choice to list, now it is your responsibility to pay the fees.

    And didn't you have to put a CC on file when you signed up for eBay?

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    that is the very reason I don't sell on ebay I had a car boot sale the fees for selling are ridiculous!

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    If you don't like the fees they charge, then don't use them. There really isn't a way around paying them. My advice would be to use or, these are free sites to post items. good luck.

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  • ya but if you do that, they can take money out of the price pad for the item you sold also

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    It is called fraud and it is a felony. If you don't like what eBay charges, don't use it. Use craigslist instead.

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