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What type of plant can you buy that deters flying insects?

I want to buy a plant for my balcony but am concerned with a larger plant i will get a lot flying insects. I live in a high rise on the 8th floor. I notice flies and bees around other balconies with flowers. I am also concerned about box elders since they come around later in the season.

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    The following website contained a list of the different types of insects and which plants could be grown to deter them... the specific insect you should be concerned with is the box elder beetle and I doubt you will find him on the 8th floor... the 2nd website is A-Z pest control and includes a lengthy section on the Box Elder Beetle.

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    You might want to buy a Venus Fly Trap, I bought one at Wal-Mart but they are hard to keep. If you dont want any flying insects you might want to just buy plants that dont bloom any flowers like ferns, ivy, vine plants, bamboo, money tree, or little catus plants, or just keep a can of insect spay on the balcony or some citronella candes can help too.

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    You want to buy a 'citronella" plant..they do good in pots and ward off mosquitos etc..also marigolds repel has pyrthum in them , which is a main ingredient in most insecticides now days, only organic

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    The only ones I can think of is a pot of marigolds or a citronella plant. I have both and I hardly ever see bees or any other bugs around them. Good luck!

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    Mint is the plant that retains the flies & midges away in my backyard. do no longer plant it interior the floor however because it has a tendancy to take over - particularly, placed it in pots and placed those interior the corners of your backyard. Mine is in semi-shade and does nicely, it desires watering each 2 days yet in simple terms before now i've got forgotten and it is shrivelled up *yet* amazingly, got here decrease back to existence after a reliable drink of water. It dies decrease back in winter yet comes decrease back to existence interior the Spring. besides as preserving the bugs away, it is gorgeous shredded right into a jug of Pimms, with grilled lamb and finely chopped into salads - an excellent all rounder infact!

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    Get a venus fly trap. Then if the bugs do come round, not for long.

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    you can have neem tree in your balcony, for it is an insect repellant, you can bonzai it so that it will not grow as it is.


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