Can you buy everclear 190 proof in idaho?

what states can you buy 190 proof everclear?

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  • Judi
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    1 decade ago
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    Just call a liquor store in your area and ask.

    It's not much good for is poison if you drink it straight, and if you're going to dilute it with something, you might as well go for a vodka (much cheaper) and mix it with a higher proportion of liquor to mixer than you would with the everclear. Everclear has a reputation among younger drinkers, but other than the name, it doesn't really offer anything. Anything with that high a concentration of alcohol will not have any flavors of what it was made with. Vodkas don't usually have any flavor either, unless you buy the flavored ones.

    Everclear is used in making meth, and many states have restrictions on the quantity that you may purchase at one place in one day. I know Texas limits it.

    Source(s): I've worked at a liquor store.
  • 1 decade ago


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