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When cool wheather, frozen wind,hail, in Edmonton begins?

After all

I´m mexican, I´m not to know about the Western canada wheater.

Also, the next Edmonton winter will be my first season there.

Any information about it thanks a lot!!!

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    I take it you've finally decided on Edmonton as your new place of residence - Welcome to Edmonton.

    First of all DON'T listen to those who say Edmonton's weather is the worst in Canada - it's frigid, etc. You need to put comments like that into prospective. I moved here from Ontario and have found the winters in the last 10 years certainly milder and drier than where I moved from. Do we have days where the temperature plummets to -30C? Yes, but they far and few between. Do we have 3 feet of snow? Absolutely not! Yes, of course we get snow after all this is Northern Canada but I would say the average is 18"-20". You can expect to start seeing the snow "staying" on the ground towards the end of Nov. and starting to melt mid to end of March. Yes, there are going to be days that the wind is biting cold - just the same as many places in Canada. Sunshine? We have lots of sunny days - more than the rest of Canada. You can expect the average temperature for the most part of winter anywhere between -10* to - 15*C for daytime highs and the nights several degrees colder. As in the rest of the western part NA the number of daylight hours is shorter in the winter than summer. The shortest day is Dec. 21st and gradually you'll notice the days getting longer again bit by bit.

    I can understand coming from a country where snow and cold is almost unheard of - it will likely be a shock to your system. There always ways of combating it by making sure you purchase appropriate winter clothing and exercising some common sense rules. When the weather forecast calls for very windy conditions with blowing snow make sure you COVER up exposed skin to prevent frost bite. Common sense rules in winter weather anywhere in Canada for that matter. Anyone who says they're leaving Edmonton to move back home to parts of Canada other than the actual west coast are delusional because seriously their weather really isn't better.

    There are lots of things to do in Edmonton during the winter months. Festivals, Candy Cane Lane, indoor swimming pools, amusements Parks like West Edmonton Mall, any number of dance clubs, pubs, ice fishing, skiing, sledding - these are just some of the activities you can enjoy. It's a great time to learn new sports and activities.

    Shop for warm weather clothing - parka with a hood, warm winter boots, toque, mitts, wool sox, long sleeved warm sweaters and maybe some long johns and you'll be just fine to brave our Canadian winters. Think of it as a new adventure - instead of crabbing about it - go out and enjoy doing new winter things.

    The one thing I think you would be interested in is the following website - Edmonton's Latin American/Hispanic Community Online. It is filled with so much information that will help you - Events, Latino Edmonton Directory, Links, Schools, Classified, etc. It's written in English and Spanish.

    The next website has every kind of Latino Club or association you could possibly want including dance clubs in Edmonton. Joining some of these will certainly help chase any winter blues you might get. It will also help you connect with others to make friends and be able to talk about familiar things.

    Now DON'T worry so much about the weather - winter weather comes and passes like everything else - it's only a few short months of the year. The more you dwell on it the worst it seems - take it one day at a time and as I said think of it as a new chapter in your life and embrace it.

    Good Luck.

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    The past couple years we haven't gotten snow until November.

    It usually lasts until March.

    You should buy your winter clothes in Canada, because Mexica's idea of warm clothes does not even come close to what you will need. You will need to buy a tonque [tUk] which is a hat that fits close to the head and some gloves.

    If you drive a car, you should get training for driving in winter from AMA (Alberta Motor Association).

    Our other seasons are very nice here. Beautiful colourful autumns and nice warm summers.

    Be sure to visit our festivals -- most of them are free and very fun!!

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    I think YOU would find it cold by October--but be warned, that's not what cold is. February is usually the worst (not sure about Edmonton specifically). Hail is actually more often a summer thing than a winter thing (again, Edmonton--who knows?).

    Oh another thing that'll get you is the dark! It gets dark really early in Edmonton in winter and stays dark until almost 8 am I think.

    Source(s): My Australian friend, who doesn't get it that "below freezing" isn't necessarily "really cold".
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    Around October it should start to get noticibly colder...

    I don't really have any advice for you... Just make sure you dress warm enough when you go outside. ^_^ Thick jacket, mitts, hat, and scarf should do. ^_^

    Good luck! =D

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