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A British subject or a Canadian Citizen - a question of law - and Can I take advantage of it?

Canada was never in a hurry to seperate from the UK - in many ways we still legally have not - The Queen is still the head of State etc

When my father was born he was not a Canadian citezen although he was born in Canada - He was a British subject -

In 1867 - we got Dominion status - in 1962 we lost the Dominion part and became just Canada - Those born in between were Subjects - hence the ease of the war brides and the legal difficulty today that they are not citezens of Canada as they were not born here -

As my father was born in 1932 - in Canada - I am the son of a "British subject" as I was born after 1962 - I am a citezen

So - on the merit of that could I apply for dual citezenship ?

Would I be able to imigrate to the UK using this to my advantage etc?

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    A British Subject is NOT a British Citizen, and does not necessarily have right of abode in the UK. Nor would your father being a British Subject qualify you to apply for British Citizenship. He would have to have been a British Citizen in general at the time of your birth.

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