MySpace versus all other social networking sites? Am beginning my quest into an Online presence ...?

and have opposing viewpoints from clients as to whether or not to put a site up on MY SPACE or try one of the newer ones. ( I am new to this myself)\

Is MY SPACE the Great -Hip-Cool one for 13-28 year olds? That it always was? I don't have time to do them all , it takes so much time & need to pick ONE.

[ BTW > I am one of LA's top HAIR Stylist/Colorist & Hair Loss & Cosmetic Chemist Specialists - so its based in that field ---} take into consideration]

thanks for the help

if you want to see:

killerstrands . blogspot . com &

killerpics. blogspot . com

I know i know - i need help....I'm trying to learn...

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    Myspace is good for all ages, particularly ages 16-30 or so. And it has the biggest networking of all compared to the other sites (Myspace has well over 190 million users), so you're more likely to find the most people on there. It's one of the biggest sites on the internet and is targeted entirely around social networking. It's a GREAT place for people (especially musicians and small companies) to get their name out.

    You're making it for the hair place you work at? Or only to advertise yourself? Either way, Myspace is probably your best bet for getting your name (or your business's name) out there. However, some other sites or more popular depending where you are; like,,,,,, and more. Different sites catch on in different parts of the country. Ask around the neighborhood and see what's most popular in your area. But I'd go with Myspace, even if something else is popular too, it wouldn't hurt to take the time to make both then.

    Just make sure you have an interesting background, good explanations of what you (or your business) does. You can even have yourself and everyone you work with make personal Myspace profiles about what exactly they do and put them in the "friends" section so that viewers can look at who works there and get a feel for the place. Don't forget the company address, phone number, fax number if you have one, maybe directions to the business (link it Mapquest or something), and anything else they might need to know, like they have to make a reservation 48 hours in advance. (And make sure you re-read everything! One misspelling might make people turn away... If you advertise as a "Hiar" colorist by accident, it might make people wonder that if you aren't even careful enough with your spelling on a simple website, how careful are you going to be with their hair...)

    Only bad thing about Myspace is that you need to use HTML to design it, which most people don't know that much about. But rest easy! You can find just about EVERYTHING you need ALREADY in it's code form online, so all you have to do is copy and paste it! This is one of the best sites for everything you need:

    Here's some of the basics to get you started in case you want to start setting up your profile: ("blah blah"=what you want to type)

    <b>blah blah</b> (Bold)

    <i>blah blah</i> (Italics)

    <u>blah blah</u> (Underline)

    <font color=red>blah blah</font> (Change font color to red, you can replace "red" with whatever color you want... blue, green, yellow, etc)

    Or you can go here and pick a letter-number code representing a color... For example:

    <font color=#00FFCC>blah blah</font> (will give you a turquoise-green color font)

    <br><br> (To put a break between lines or paragraphs -like I've been doing between my paragraphs in this response)

    Links are formatted like this:

    <a href="website link">What you want the link to say</a>

    Like this: <a href="">Yahoo</a> will give you a link to Yahoo's homepage when they click "Yahoo".

    Good luck!! If you need any help or ideas or just have some questions, feel free to email me! I am addicted to Myspace and am pretty "well versed" in designing profiles, finding good graphics too use, making/finding HTML codes, and stuff like that.

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  • 4 years ago

    The best thing about social networking sites is the ability to re-connect with old friends while meeting new ones. It's also a good way to find out about people that you are newly aquitanited with. The most important technological feature that is missing is the quality control of these sites. There is way too much spammers and fakers on these sites. If only there were a way to limit one account per person... but that'd be too costly.

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    My space is great for finding old friends and family that you have lost touch with plus you can now put TONS of pics (pictures) in there and its fun once you understand how to use the site. You will need to learn what RSS codes are but not how to make them. Its also good for seeing what is up with TV shows and music. Other then that I would just build your own site and you can make your own area for blogs and ask and answer questions and make sure that you have it in the web search for what you want it for and for all over the country you live in as well as others. I know allot of people who look into the things you do for work so make your own place to talk about what you do. You can use for other things then for your job. That is just what I think you should do. But don't get me wrong Myspace is a great site to go to and see what people look like now from your past. I get a kick out of it and I just found someone I have been looking for from my past that has been missing from my life for over 7 years now. it was important I find him cause he is my sons father. So first us the site for personal use not business.

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  • 1 decade ago

    He** -I am still trying to figure out how to get to "speak" with you for a sec. I was the one who had the ? about a massive up-do gone so bad that it got matted with back comb and product. I took your advice and had a stylist attack it -OH MY GOD!!!! should have been in the book of records -I know she feels that way!!!!!! Day 5!!!!!!! 2,3 hours each day. Serious!!!

    Trying to untangle it. Talk about patience!!!!! Probably another two days to go.

    Health stuff didn't help. Desperately trying to hang on to hair. I think whatever you do, you should include/keep some aspect question answer help. Obviously means a lot to you, and much of your life/ego is tied to it. Just as with my health probs, it does help more than you think to keep going!

    Love, "THE MATTED ONE"

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    1 decade ago

    i'd go for myspace. there are more people on there than any other networking sight, and you can make a page for your business as well as yourself.

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  • 1 decade ago

    myspace probably would be good, but you may also want to see about facebook

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