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Does low blood platelets mean leukemia?

Hi, someone please help. My husband's platelet count is at 53,000 and we are worried. He may have to have a bone marrow done. Is this difficult? We don't know much about his father but it does not run on his mom's side. We are hoping that it is just ITP, but please give us the odds of it being Leukemia. We are scared. I'm not ready to loose him, hes my soulmate and we've only been married alittle over a year. Thanks for your time, we appreciate any input we can get. His next doc's visit is in about 5 weeks. Thanks. :-(

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    Leukemia is the abnormal proliferation of white blood cells, not platelets. Leukemia is cancer of the bone marrow. What happens is the bone marrow (where the cells are made) is diseased. This causes the white blood cells to reproduce rapidly but they are not normal white blood cells. The normal count is <10,000. What are your husband's WBC's? Because of the damage to the bone marrow, platelets are usually lacking causing the patient to bleed more easily than normal. This will result in the patient being placed on bleeding precautions (no straight razors, no intramuscular injections, no high risk sports, ect.) Along with the decrease in platelets, comes a decrease in red blood cells as well leading to anemia. There are four different kinds of leukemia which happen at different stages of life and present with different kinds of problems. Leukemia can either be acute or chronic. It would best to research these types on your own because typing them would take up a lot of space on here. No one is quite sure what causes leukemia. It doesn't sound like your husband has leukemia but to make sure the doctors will do many blood tests and possibly a bone marrow biopsy. The biopsy is the only true way to diagnose it. The biopsy is a quick procedure, but very painful. Local anesthetic is used at the needle insertion site (usually at the hips [crests] on the backside). A needle then pierces the skin until it hits the bone. Once there, the needle is literally screwed into the bone until it hits the marrow. The painful part is when the doctor aspirates back to get the marrow. It's very painful but quick. There's no way to diagnose leukemia or ITP just by looking at the platelet count. You must look at other factors too. I hope, for your sake, it isn't leukemia. Good luck with everything. I wish you the best.

    Source(s): RN with rotation in oncology
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    we are going through the same thing they did a bone marrow test on my husband and it came back good but his platelet ,red ,and white blood cell are low to what do u think is going on.

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    low blood platelets does not always mean leukemia. My husband was in the hospitol last week after feeling dizzy, fatigue. They took blood and found that his platelet count was 24,000. He is seeing a hemetologist now. They have ruled out leukemia and lymphoma by doing a bone marrow biopsy. They have sent blood to the mayo clinic because they do not know what it is yet. Your husband really needs to see a hemetologist or oncologist to figure out whats going on with him. Good luck

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