Canucks making a trade?

They've locked up Kevin Bieksa for 3 more years after this year. 3.75 per year- very good signing to say the least. Bieksa is a top 2 defenseman already on most NHL teams, including the Canucks. If the Canucks had waited until after this year, Bieksa would have been an offer-sheet candidate for sure. The Canucks would have had to pay him at least 5 million a year for likely a very long term, say 5 or 6 years. Good job by Nonis to lock him up.

However, the interesting signing today was Aaron Miller for 1.5 million, 1 year deal. The Canucks already have pretty good depth on defense with Bieksa, Mitchell, Ohlund, Salo all returning from last year and Bourdon, Edler, Sopel, Fitzpatrik, Tremblay all solid picks to fill out the top 6. The Canucks desperately need a top 6 forward to add some scoring punch to last year's team. The only reason I think Nonis would sign Miller is because he's trading one of the other d-men away. I've heard Morrison, Ohlund and a prospect for Elias, but...

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    You may be right. I have been wondering what the Canuck's were going to do about their obvious goal scoring deficiency in last years playoffs.

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    Hold your horses. Bieska is a good DMan but a top 2 guy on most teams is rating him a little high. A top 2 on some teams seems more reasonable.

    They are certainly loading up on Dmen and I have read that the Devils are in the mix.

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    1 decade ago

    i know they need to get some fowards that can score

    cause thats what they lacked last season

    im hoping that they dont trade morrison or ohlund though

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