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How important is to fix problem if OBDII show code P1130 on VQ 3.5 Nissan engine Swirl Control valve??

Do I have to really replace the both sensors ?What will happen if I continue to drive without take care of the problem ?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Ok now you are on the right track. The swirl valve is tested with a vacuum switch on the right fender and is connected to the swirl valve vacuum hose. lift off the silver engine cover right on top of the timing chain cover on drivers side of the black vacuum tank is the swirl valve passengers side is the VIAS variable intake air system valve. The bolts holding the valve have a tendency to fall out of your socket so take an old blanket place it between the radatatior and front of the engine to catch bolts you will have to reuse. Test the vacuum switch round black in color with a two wire connector and only one vacuum hose running to it. with a ohm meter on the two wires and suck on the vacuum hose. you should see switch close. Then replace the swirl control solonid. Malfunctioning swirl valve will cause less torque from the motor in conjunction with the VIAS those two things cause a change in leingth of the intake tract. get it fixed soon.

    Source(s): Nissan master technician
  • 5 years ago

    I, too, have an '04 Sentra and the check engine light would come on, stay on for a week or so and then go out--only to recur a week or so later. My car had a code 1138. Took it to the Nissan dealer's service dept. They told me that the Swirl Control Valve was bad and that replacing it required replacing the intake manifold, as it is integrated into the manifold. The good news was that it was covered under either the Emission Controls Warranty or the Powertrain Warranty, which is longer than the 3yrs/36K general warranty. The Swirl Control Valve is an emission control part, but, since it is integrated into the intake manifold, I don't know which warranty they covered it under. If you call Nissan USA headquarters, they will tell you if the warranty is still in effect at 66K miles or not--and I'm sure they could tell you which warranty, if either, applies. Hope you're still covered, as it isn't a cheap repair.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    2001 pathfinder gives 1130 code "swirl valve circut" . I tested the solenoid and the vacume pod . If I clear the code it will stay clear as long as it stays warm. cool morning start up and it trips the 1130 code?????

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