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what is a jib and a spinakar? where do you use them?

do they have anything to do with hockey?

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    Both are sails for a sailboat, as stated above. They go on the bow (front end) of the boat. The spinnaker attaches only to the mast and is controlled by two lines one on either side of the boat. It is used for downwind runs. It is usually more like a balloon than a sail. Ever seen the huge colorful sails billowing out on pictures of boat races? The colorful ones are the spinnakers.

    The jib sail attaches to the mast and the deck, and is used when the boat is traveling in any direction other than straight downwind.

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    They are both different types of sails in a sailboat. They don't have anything to do with hocky, but they will make your sailboat go faster.

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