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What colour contacts for fair-skinned East-Asians?

I know some colour contacts look really strange on Asians - for example, blue...... I was wondering, what kind of colours could you get away with if you have a fair East-Asian skintone? And what colours would you definitely not be able to get away with?

I would also like specific recommendations for brands/lines, and where I could buy them online ^_^

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    I think hazel would look really good..

    but it really depends on what color of eyes you have because some colors dont show up good on darker eyes.

    I really like the hazel, or honey tones.

    and i have fair skin

    also maybe a dark shade of green

    I like acuvue!! the best results on dark eyes..

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    I would try brown, black or dark green. I would definitely not recommend blue and exotic colours like red, orange, yellow or violet :-)

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    try shades of brown which are light if u have dark eyes

    if u already have light eyes go for a darker colour

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    Accuvue 2 Colors Opaque has a color called 'warm honey', which is a light brown.

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    green or hazel =)

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