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Is Tachikawa in Tokyo a big city?

Tachikawa is in Tokyo.

(1)How long does it take from Tokyo by train and bus?

Is it a big city?

(2) In the evening and in the night, what activity does people do especially in the summer time?

(3) Is there any park and specific park can go around there?

(4) Is there any department store there?

(5) Can I see Mt. Fuji from Tachikawa?


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    I have lived in Tachikawa! I liked it. Pretty big, and close to really big cities like Shinjuku(only about 6 stops away on Chuou Line),

    1) Okay, most people are confused what really Tokyo is. I mean, whan people say "Tokyo", I think they mean like "the centre of the Tokyo Prefecture". There isn't really such a city as "Tokyo." the Tokyo Prefecture is consist of many many big cities and surburbs. Big cities are, for instance, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Roppongi...etc. Tachikawa is pretty big, large population since there are many train lines that go through Tachikawa station. As I have written in the intro, Tachikawa is probably about 20 minutes from "centre of Tokyo"-which is Shinjuku. You take Chuou Line. (train)

    2) When I used to live in Tachikawa, I used to go out to a Japanese national park alot. It's called "Shouwa- Kinen-Kouen" It's a big big park full of beautiful nature, and they have a huge waterpark. Depending on seasons, they have parties. For example, in spring, they have a big cherry blossom viewing party. But mostly in summer, the pool they have is packed. And also, since Tachikawa is quite close to Yokota Base(US army base), so There are many Americans. There are nice bars, restaurants, etc. Tachikawa also has very nice shopping area around the station.

    3) As I have mentioned, Yes, Shouwa Kinen Kouen! (big park). really nice. I recommend you check there out especially in summer. (I love the waterpark there. So much fun!)

    4) YES! Around the station. There are MANY big malls.

    5) Yes you can. Tachikawa is pretty close to where Mt.Fuji is compared to other cities in Tokyo. When it's a fine day, you can see it. It's stunning.

    Hope this information helps

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    (1) It's not big like Shibuya or Shinjuku

    (2) Hmmm...That's a hard question people do different things.

    (3) I'm not sure

    (4) Yes they do have department stores there

    (5) I believe you should be able to see Fuji-san on a clear day

    Source(s): Went there last year. I lived in Japan for 4 years in Fussa which is close to Tachikawa
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    Ha, basically any town in Tokyo is going to be big, I lived in Misawa, Japan for a while, right by Tokyo, so if your plans fall through in whatever town you said, try there.

    It's great, especially if you have kids, or if are one.

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