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What types of foods do they eat in peru? im thinking of going there on an exchange but am scared of what?

they may eat???? More scared of the unknown???? please list some meals and basic diet

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    Dont be scared!!! Peru has an international cuisine which is one of the best in the world. We have a diet of basically chicken, fish, meat and vegetables. All the dishes are quite tasty and apart from the local peruvian dishes, you will find McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, Piza hut, etc. So even if you dont like what is being served, you can survive on junk food! Jokes apart, the only traditional cuisine you'll find is in places in the highlands or jungle where they eat guinea pigs, sheep and even monkey in the jungle. However, I live here (and was born here) and I have never had those dishes! We have a lot of rice, potatoe, chicken, we eat internationa basic dishes. So dont be scared, try a little bit of our typical dishes like ceviche (raw fish like sushi , cooked in lemon juice), papa a la huancaina (steamed potatoes with a cheesy chili sauce) lomo saltado (beef skillet with potatoes and onions), etc and our lovely rich desserts!!!

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    I am from Peru. Well, the Peruvian food is one of the best food in the world, and I don't say this because I was born in Peru. As a matter of fact, there is a Peruvian restaurant in NYC, and all kinds of people like to go to eat there. The food is great!

    First of all I need to know what part of Peru you are going? If you are going to Lima, since it's very close to the ocean, there's lots of seafood. Like for example... Ceviche (if you like sushi, you'll love this) another great dish is ...papas a la huancaina. Which is boiled potatoes with a creamy cheese sauce. Delicious! Another famous dish you can try is Lomo saltado, This is fillet Mignon stir fry with onion and tomatoes with some spices and it's served with rice. Very good!

    You will find out yourself the kinds of food you like.

    I hope you enjoy your stay in Peru. Good Luck!

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    Get ready to eat some guinea pig. They eat a lot of seafood and potatoes and a lot of Asians live there also. Go on-line and look up their food.

    Have fun and experiment.

    Samantha Brown on the Travel Channel did a show on Peru this week. They usually repeat the episodes on Sunday morning.

    Have a good time. Peru high on my list as a place I would love to visit.

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    Apart of being able to find all sorts of franchises around (from Chili's & Tony Roma's to every conceivable fast food chain) there are some interesting choices in terms of dining out in Lima. As an example, Nobu's founder (the famous NY sushi bar) started his career in LIMA, PERU ( in a local sushi bar that still exists. Plenty of options for sushi, fish and seafood that will not dissapoint.

    Also Peru has great cantonese food and a reasonable selection of italian bistros that will not disspaoint anyone. And you will be surprised by the prices. You will have meals that in the US you cannot afford.

    As per cooking your own food you will find readily available produce.

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    Google on Perusian menu, and their culture...

    You should be able to see something, which can give you a good idea what to expect...You should have a list of things you cannot eat! So the other exchange person is aware and avoids it, so to save embarrassment, more importantly respect one another for their ideal meals that can be enjoyable without complications.

    Good luck--Enjoy your exchange over to Peru!

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    Well, you should always eat from every food group...but in different servings. Eat plenty from the bottom of the food group, (wheat, bread, cereal etc...) and smaller your portions going up. Especially when you are at the sweets group because that has the most calories and fat. So, you need to stay away from the sweets as much as possible. But, you need to at least eat a little because it gives you energy so that you can exercise. So, just watch what you eat, and you will do fine.

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    Peruvian cuisine is one of the most interesting ones on earth due to the huge variety of dishes and plant types available.

    The cuisine styles are also different from a geographical point of view. Coastal cuisine is mostly based on fish and marine life from the Pacific Ocean while the dishes in the Andes continue the traditional way of cooking, by using local ingredients and creating dishes based on corn potatoes, and tubers. Jungle cuisine has remained unchanged throughout history, being based on fruits and plants readily available in the Peruvian jungle, as well as on hunted animals.

    Lima offers a rich assortment of dishes and cuisines both from the local region and from the numerous immigrants that have settled in the city. Suffice it to mention that along the Peruvian coast alone there are more than two thousand different types of soups, and that there are more than 250 traditional desserts.

    Check this link for more information:

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    don´t worry about food in Peru, because there is also a burger king, Mac Donald's, Pizza Hut, etc.

    Local food is very tasty and good. Don't fear for it.

    standard daily meal for a mid class family are:

    Beef Steak, rice and french fries

    spaghetti in red sauce,


    we have half international food and half local specific food

    don´t worry about it.

    In fact you´re going to like more to eat the local food than the normal food you´re used to

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    You will love their food! Don't be afraid, you don't have to eat worms if you don't want to. ;-)) just joking!

    Tourist like a lot "cebiche" which is raw fish with lemon juice

    Also you have to tried "criolla" food, it's a little bit spicy but very good, maybe you have to tried little bits at first.

    Also depends the region where you are going to; in Lima you have food from almost all other regions, but Iquitos in the Peruvian jungle have a lot of exotic food (suri worms if you want), in Arequipa also...

    You can pick anywhere in Peru you can find delicious meals and the best part, very cheap ones

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