What skin color will the child be if father East Indian and Mother Korean?

I am confused. I say the child will be east indian but some say white skin like korean. Isn't the east indian gene domiant than the korean gene in skin color? What about eyes?


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    Skin color has no dominant gene. In fact, skin color as a whole appears to be pretty low in genetic selection. There was a study recently in Brazil that found many light skinned people with a lot of African ancestry, and many dark skinned people with a lot of European ancestry. Skin color will be pretty much a roll of the dice, and can be anything from either extreme to somewhere in between. No skin color dominates over another.

    By eyes, I assume you are asking about the epicanthic fold, because the eyes will almost certainly be brown, unless one or both of the parents has an unsual color in their eyes or in their genetics. The fold will be somewhere in between both parents. It simply depends on how pronounced or recessed it appears on the parents, and can also depend on when and what conditions the child is born (pre-term children are more likely to retain a stronger epicanthic fold, for example).

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    This cannot be known in advance as genetic is a matter of luck. it depend which gene is dominant, either the east indian or korean. It does not depend on the parent or child sex but only on dominant genes. It is in fact gene itself that causes a certain blood group. Blue or green eyes are not dominant genes.so their probability are low but not impossible. The dominant eye colour is brown. However the skin colour will be a middle between the two parents skin Apart from that evrything is a matter of genetic and dominant genes.

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    You cannot know. It is not like adding cream to coffee and ending up with a certain color. It could be anything from the darkest of any of the father's relatives to the lightest of any of the mother's relatives. Genetics of skin color is complex -- there are probably 30 to 40 genes involved in various ways. The article below has a fairly technical review of current knowledge, but won't give you the answer.

    Whatever the skin color, the baby will be undeniably cute and lovable and the skin color will not matter.

    As for eye color -- almost certainly brown.

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    Its all in the genetics and which good factors will look in extra. You wont be waiting to tell for this reason because of the fact the two mothers and dads are asian, different than for pores and skin complexion and facial good factors even though it's going to be very diffused. look at Lucy Liu shes 0.5 asian 0.5 white and you may see for sure that shes mixed according to her good factors on my own and her posture.

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    It's genetics, biology, dominant genes and stuff. Probably light or almost dark brown, with Asian set eyes (small eyes).

    Someone at my school has a CaucAsian father and a asian mother. He has white skin (Caucasian) and Asian eyes.

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    Just a bit lighter than the indian. I'm a whitey and my wife is indian. Our kid is inbetween our skin colors.

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