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really...why the heck is tim horton's coffee so popular in ontario, canada?

yuck......i think that it is crumbie coffee and tea and all their trreats taste like the baker is blowing cigarette smoke into the batter...ugh!! can someone tell what it is tht keeps people going back for their tim hortons? particularly in ontario as i have been to many other provinces and a couple of states where they have tim hortons, but ontario seems to have the biggest love for the icky stuff!!! thanks for your answers!!


i have to agree with the first person that answered.....starbucks is far, far better!!

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    It's simple. Their coffee is very addictive and literally always fresh. If you don't like it, it's just your own opinion, many people swear by it. The donuts leave a little to be desired because they are not baked fresh, the basic donut shapes arrive frozen and they are filled, glazed, powdered, peanuted, etc. at the store. So nobody is "blowing smoke into the batter" in any Tim Hortons anywhere.

    It's more of a culture thing than a food thing in my opinion. In WNY, we love Tim Hortons because their coffee tastes good and isn't ridiculously overpriced like Starbucks. It's just part of some people's daily lives, getting their reliably good morning coffee.

    And to whoever asked if Timmie's is Canada's answer to Starbucks, they are two completely different kinds of restaurants catering to very different demographics. And Tim Hortons has been around for ages, it isn't anything new.

    Source(s): Tim Hortons employee for way too long
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    You didn't go to the right one in Ontario!! I agree the coffee has changed

    and is strong. The donuts have gotten smaller and cost more

    but it is rare that we ever eat them. We just go in with friends and enjoy

    time together. Gotta love Timmy's!!

    For the person who didn't know about Tim's. Tim Horton was a hockey

    star who died in a car accident here in Ontario near where we live. It is

    a Canadian company but is expanding to the states. There is one a block

    away from our son who is thrilled to bits. He has to have his daily Tim's.

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    yeah i was in Ontario a few years back and i couldnt understand it! I was doing work experience at a radio station, Faith FM, and it seemed that EVERY person in Ontario went into this one Time Hortons EVERY morning. Drove me nuts!!!

    But i loved Harveys! You know the burger bar, yum yum! They should have that over here in the UK :(I dont know if Tim Hortans is an American company but i thought it might be Canadas anwser to Starbucks?

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    I got a coffee from Tim's last night. I also worked there for a stint, and the only day of the year they were closed, was Christmas day. Their policies are across the board, so I don't think it would vary from location to location.

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    Janet B is right...Tim Hortons has been around for Far longer than Star Bucks..and if Star bucks coffee is so good like you say, then why do they have Tim Hortons in the U.S? why not ban tim's from the U.S. if they are that bad?

    I'd say coffee is coffee, no matter who serves it! and besides it's how coffee is grown and roasted that makes all the difference.

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    Gotta have Timmies,in my opinion its the best coffee.Would'nt settle for anything else.Yes,there are long lineups at Tim Hortons everyday.It just goes to show you that a lot of people prefer Tim Hortons coffee.mmmmgood.

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    I love Starbucks, but I live in a small town and all we have is Tim Horton's. They are everywhere (I am in Ontario). When I lived in BC I rarely saw them.

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    I know what you mean. I was in vacation there for the past 3 weeks and the only coffee place i went to was tim horton's. i was just goin to puke. i tried to sneak off to dunkin donuts and starbucks but i got in trouble. tim horton's bagel is dried it's really disgusting and there ice caps aren't like starbucks and dunkin donuts.

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    Just give me my Timmy's and no one gets hurt

    Lets weigh out our options here hmmmmmmmm what else are our choices for convenience and price

    Country Style (BARF!!!!)

    No really Tim Hortons Rocks and If I don't get my Tims when I go out there is big trouble.................

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    You realize those are fightin' words eh?


    I guess it's to each their own..but I for one find Timmies coffee the best of the lot except for home brewed..and only if my wife does it..I suck at making coffee...dang it!

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