Please help with name translations from English to Spanish for kids project. ASAP?

The names might not be able to be translated directly, but even if someone can translate a Spanish name as close to the English names as possible, this is for a Mexican project I am doing with the kids, I am also making up a play passport and entering all the names for them in the different languages as we are studying different parts of the world.

Here are the English names:

Connor (boy)

Ethan (boy)

Evann (girl)

Griffin (boy)

Kaitlyn (girl)

Mackenzie (girl)

Thank you for your help.

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    Ethan (a Hebrew name) is Etán in Spanish.

    Evann could be rendered Ivana.

    Kaitlyn could be rendered Catalina.

    This link might help you find suitable approximations for the other names.

  • 4 years ago

    Spanish Translations Of English Names

  • bri
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    1 decade ago

    Connor - Irish means strong-willed

    Ethan - Biblical - means strong, firm

    Evann God is gracious - possibly translate to Joanna or joanne

    Kaitlyn - Katherine or Catalina

    Griffin - a mythological creature

    Mackenzie - means daughter of strong ruler.

    Cannot help more than this.

  • 1 decade ago

    In my opinion, NONE(!) of them translate into Spanish, with the exception, perhaps, of 'Kaitlyn (girl), which could could be 'stretched' to sound like 'Catalina'. Sorry!

    Hope it helps!

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