Please help with name translations from English to Spanish for kids project. ASAP?

The names might not be able to be translated directly, but even if someone can translate a Spanish name as close to the English names as possible, this is for a Mexican project I am doing with the kids, I am also making up a play passport and entering all the names for them in the different languages as we are studying different parts of the world.

Here are the English names:

Connor (boy)

Ethan (boy)

Evann (girl)

Griffin (boy)

Kaitlyn (girl)

Mackenzie (girl)

Thank you for your help.


Thank you all for your help.

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    Those are very Anglo names, so I recommend just converting them to the spanish form of spelling







    You can explain that in spanish they don't double consonants except L and R

    and the K is only used in a few foreign words. To get a K sound in Sp, it's spelled with a C before a,o, and u,

    and spelled with QU before an e or i. And the th doesn't exist, they just use a T

    Also, about the passport, tell them that in Spanish, most people have 3,4, or 5 names, for example

    First, Middle(s), Father's surname, Mother's Maiden Name.

    So they have names like Pedro Antonio Sanchez Garcia.

    They often only go by the father's surname, but in a passport they'd list all the names. Let the kids invent their own names by filling out a form and including mom's nee after dad's.

    P.S. That KKK woman up above me is such an embarrassment to the American population!!! I guess she doesn't think we need to learn anything aobut the world.

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    Connor - Irish means strong-willed Ethan - Biblical - means strong, firm Evann God is gracious - possibly translate to Joanna or joanne Kaitlyn - Katherine or Catalina Griffin - a mythological creature Mackenzie - means daughter of strong ruler. Cannot help more than this.

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    In my opinion, NONE(!) of them translate into Spanish, with the exception, perhaps, of 'Kaitlyn (girl), which could could be 'stretched' to sound like 'Catalina'. Sorry!

    Hope it helps!

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    those are all Celtic/Gaelic names. they won't translate at all. I recommend the change in spelling, too. in my Spanish class, we were allowed to "borrow" a Spanish name to use in class.

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    Shouldn't you be doing it the other way round.. English to Spanish...???

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