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hi help me with a new invention?

hi i have to make a new invention for my English Class. i have no idea what to make. can anyone tell me a new invention. please i will give you anything. not everything. but i will try to . please my credit depends on it. just help me please.

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    Hello! I had to do something for my school in the subject of technology and i decided to make an airplane from wood and pump of water which works with batteries!

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    A few ideas:

    1) Something that will let parents know where their toddler is at all times, cheap, available at grocery stores, not painful to apply

    2) Something to enable you to use the toilet in the middle of the night without leaving your bed

    3) Something that will make exercise fun & motivating, like on a treadmill or stationary bicycle.

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    Wireless implantable speakers and microphones that do not ever need a battery. They would have a host of uses. Think of not having to hold a phone or an ipod ever again.

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    Here's one you can do. You know how 15 foot dog leashes are retractable? Make a gizmo that will connect to the vacuum cleaner and will gently retract the cord. I hate tripping over that cord all the time.


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    Lack of preparation on your part does not constitute an emergency on my you may not get my best ideas...

    Invent a new form of foreign policy...use ideas from Ron Paul

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    I think that they want you to make a new invention to test your is it imaginative if you yahoo it??lol electric blind opener.yeaaaaa.or an electric window opener. or a robot that makes you smoothies.mmmm.

  • do a time machine - me and my friend john had a project like that once and we were just playin around and said a time machine and we got a 100.........we even pt bob sagot andfabio on our was awesome

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    for English class?


    go to the library for ideas.

    make something that doesn't work well ,work better.

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