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help me please!!!!!?

how do i get nice looking curls when i have big frizzy curly hair?

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    I have been using Paul Mitchell's "The Conditioner" for over 20 years. It works perfectly to tame those frizzies. You would wash your hair, towel-dry it, then apply The Conditioner and leave it on when you put those big rollers in your hair.

    I don't know much about those "relaxers" that some people use to straighten their hair. I don't like using harsh chemicals on my hair.

    I hope this works for you. Good luck.

  • omg i have the SAME hair. really puffy frizzy and hard to manage. I just found like 3 different things that work. 1. Herbal Essences "totaly twisted" shampoo and conditioner 2. either frizz-ease serum or paul mitchell serum - super skinny - both are really good and 3. totaly twisted gel (to define ur curls) then use any hair spray that u have liked before. if u r not sure which one to use, i recommend garnier fructis strong hold. its in like a green bottle.

    so just wash ur hair with those shampoos, then put either serum in ur hair (starting at the bottom and working toward the roots so that ur hair dusnt look greasy) then use the gel and what i do is just twist some of the pieces of hair that are already grouped together adn then hairspary ur hair. omg the pieces that u twist will look really pretty. the turn into like perfect curls when they dry. i let my hair air-dry but i guess if u dont want to blow-dry it, use a diffuser. hope i could help! any other questions... e-mail me.

    danielle <3

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    There is a product in the Redken Fresh Curls line called Spring Mousse. You will more than likely have to get it from a hairdresser, but it is great. It helps bring lazy curls back to life:)

    Here is a linkhttp://redken.com/products/displayBrand.cfm?b=262

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