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my wife has cancer, family 2000 miles away how to deal with it?

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    If she can travel and not be sick or miss treatments, GO. Everyone get Skype with cameras and visit over the Internet. Invite folks to visit but make sure the burden doesn't fall on her--stay in hotels?

    What does she want to do? Help her.

    Get her the best medical treatment you can.

    I wish you both the best.

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    First let me say how sorry I am to hear this. Second it is harder for men to be the caretaker and it also depends on the cancer and stage. Do you have friends locally? Rally them around to help you. Do you have a church or organization, go to them. I am a cancer survivor that needed 24/7 care, which my husband did and no family around.. My friends rallied around me, helped my husband, cooked meals, we had a young gal come 3 times a week, (We could afford her as her rate was $7 an hour) She was wonderful and took care of the house and any other thing I needed, This gave my husband a rest. I belong to a singing group, each week they cooked all the meals and took me to the hospital if my husband was not around. Do you need financial help, see if they will chip in for a housekeeper weekly. Email them and call them but the phone works both ways. It is is heavy burden and I wish you well..

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    First off let me say I'm sorry,but please also know that cancer is not a death sentence.We are far past the days when cancer was always terminal.There are cancer survivors, I am one.I think you need to step up as a husband and do what you can until the parents can be there,if they can at all.Whatever hospital your wife is involved in will have a social services dept. and they will assist you.There are social workers and you need to talk to them and ask for their help.Talk to people.There are so many programs that help.Ronald mcdonald is not just for kids.Ask to speak to a social worker,they are there for you. Many blessings to you and your wife.

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    I'm sorry to hear that your wife has cancer. First you HAVE to be very supportive and understand that she will be irratable and get very tired very quickly. There are support groups you can talk with, her oncologist may know of several groups both of you can go to. To the best of your ability, you have to try to prevent her from getting the "poor me" syndrome, that does not help in her treatment. I don't know what type of treatment she is going to receive, but as I've said above, be supportive, and REMEMBER, she won't be able to do the things she's been doing, so it will be up to you. Good luck

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    I dont understand the answer to that question. the persons i understand that have died from lung maximum cancers didnt stay previous 6 months. So with that suggested. have you ever considered hiring a care giver possibly 3 days each and every week to grant your brothers a relax and you happening the week end for visits. Your brothers are decrease than alot of rigidity, possibly they might share the fee of the care giver or does your mom have any sisters or brothers that are prepared to assist?

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    i lost my mom in 04 to gastric Cancer, to be honest there is no real way to deal... just take it day by day! some will be good,others are gonna be tough.just enjoy every moment together. i wish u and ur wife the best... i'll keep you in my thoughts.

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    I would see if your wifes Mother or your mother could come for a long visit. (whichever the wife gets along best with) Especially if you have young children her help could be very valuable. It also should not cost very much if she lives with you.

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    Wait Do you mean YOU are 2000 miles away ? I misunderstood what you wrote at first. I hope she will be fine , as there are many survivors these days.

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    if they have a computer ,keep in contact that way with them=about how your wife is coming along

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    Tell her family to send letters and cards every so often, and ask them to call her when they can.

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