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Face Cleanser / Wash?? *sigh*?

I play over 3 hrs of tennis a day everyday. I then sweat and it rolls down my nose & I tend to break out alot in that area. I already have oliy & rosy / red skin, not from sunburn, just normal amount not freakishly.

What should I use on my face?

Do those nose strips that pull all the dirt from your pores work?

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    Facial twice per week

    Cleanse with a baby wash or a facial wash that does not list achool on the ingredients.

    Exfoliate with a fine grit exfoliatant,

    tone to make sure everything in removed from skin,

    STEAM- opens pores so anything under the skin can be removed (most likely causing the breakouts) - bring water to boil pour into bowl put towel over head (so steam does not escape) do for about ten minutes,

    Clay mask ten to fifteen minutes, this removes the dirt in the open pores and blackhead,

    tone again

    Salyic acid on the spot treatment will help dry out pimples,


    On no facial days...

    morning when first wake up and before bed!!!!



    spot treatment


    I have recently been using Beyond Belief AHA the whole set up. You can purchase it at Sally's beauty supply. It evens skin tone, minimizes pores, and has really helped breakouts.

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    Without an Skin analysis, no one can really tell you what is best for your face.

    I suggest trying a facial with a Licensed Esthetician. You will receive a full hour of gentle cleansing and massage. You will (learn the skin type you have, and you will be given a few samples that are appropriate for your skin. You can also have the chance to buy a higher grade quality product that you cannot get in any retail, or department store chain. These products are sold especially in spas, high end salons and Medi Spas and combat real life skin problems.

    If you were to just buy over the counter products, I would buy for a skin type that states the word"Gentle for every day use" or suggested for daily use. Olay has been around a long time and can be gentle and effective. Another, decent pick for you may be Neutragena brands.

    Otherwise you could be making your skin worse. If you get a few breakouts that is ok, it is when you have mild acne that one would need a product that does nothing to irritate an already inflamed skin. An occasional breakout is from toxins or bacteria. Wash twice a day.

    Once a week, you may want to try a gentle face wash with a bit of Salycidic Acid in it.

    Use a decent but lite Sunscreen too.( Good ones do not clog your pores)

    Source(s): I am an Licensed Esthetician
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    I think the pore strips are worthless. Murad has a great set called the Acne Complex Starter Kit. These products are amazing! These will fix your pores and keep breakouts at bay! I get mine through Sephora ...

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    Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser. Washing your face as soon as you can after playing tennis will minimize breakouts.

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    I personally use the daily pore cleanser from clean and clear and it works great.

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    Face soap works the best. If it doesn't work for you, Eckerds has a face cleaner brand that works really well and all you have to do it put it on then wait.

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    I use Biore warming face cleanser, geeeez i LOVE IT!

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    i would suggest using a light foaming cleanser for your oily skin.

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    Yes it does,just make sure it's tight enough. Do it like 3times to make sure it's clean

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