Will Insect or Fertilizer hurt my newly planted grass?

I just planted grass and I already have a terrible insect and weed problem. What should I DO?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    you should wait to apply a herbicide until the fourth mowing of the new grass. you can apply a starter fertilizer now. as far as an insecticide pick which type you would like to use granular or liquid and follow the manufacturers instructions. weeds are best controlled in the fall.

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    4 years ago

    No, difficult water is okay. Even chemically taken care of water from a typical abode water therapy gadget shouldn't harm the germination of prevalent backyard grasses. issues to contemplate: Grass germinates nicely in cool temperatures. acceptable to plant in Fall or spring. purchase the acceptable seed for the acceptable kind of color/solar area. To get grass to fill in holes in a backyard i found it acceptable to a million. scrape the area you desire to fill an inch to 2 deep and combine in some sand if available. 2. conceal the grass seed with some loose straw and water. 3. Water a pair cases each and every week as quickly as the seeds germinate and start to enhance. 4. eliminate straw as quickly as the grass seems sturdy adequate. Water in case you are not getting a fabulous rain as quickly as each and every week. 5. acceptable to not fertilize till the subsequent season.

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