What would you do if you had inventions. But no sens of bussiness?

Like around 60 new inventions.......?

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    1 decade ago
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    Educate yourself.




    Most of the above offer free services to guide you.

    Be sure your raise capital while you are learning. You need funds for prototypes - patent attorney fees etc. Otherwise your ideas will go where most of them do - inventors heaven.

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    I really suspect your claim of 60 inventions. If you perform a patent search I am sure you will find many of your "inventions" have already been patented. You may not infringe unless you try to commercialize your "invention". Or perhaps your definition of an invention is very loose....

    If you really have inventions then you will need to convince someone to help you commercialize it. You have to be able to sell your invention to investors, a business partner or potential customers. The best way to sell something is to know your "invention" inside out, how your invention relates to other products in the market place and why your invention is better than what's already out there, if it is.

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    1 decade ago

    Lets take an example of Edison, He was a scientist, and well reputed, still he made big fortunes, reason is simple when you invent something ultimately you'll know the end use of your product, of course you'll know who will actually buy it, So if you are thinking about it, I say go for it man! Sky is limit secondly if finance is problem then one can sell them to any company who can do business of such inventions, But you can set terms and conditions like on each piece you'll receive 30% , and you can also make fortune by it

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    First patent your invention or inventions. Then according to the heading trade (eg. 'Automobiles', Machinery, 'Marine' Time Savers, etc), contact the existing majors in that particular trade and either sell them at a handsome price or better still, ask for partnership or percentage in the profits for lifelong benefit!

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    Do NOT use a nationally advertised submission company, they only want your money; they'll charge you over $10,000 per item. Instead contact a patent attorney yourself and save about 70 - 80%, one should do it for about $2,000-$3,000. Patent only your best idea first. Sell or license the patent rights use that money to patent the other ideas you have since it will be very costly to patent every innovation you have.

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    The important thing to do is to get a brevet for every one fo them. So you'll be protect. After that il's up to you if you want to be associate with someone good in bussiness.

  • find someone who did have business sense and partner with them.

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