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Small business ideas?

Small Business Ideas?

My mom and i want to start a business and we cant think of anything.we live on 5 acres and have a barn with 5 stalls all are taken up by our animals. One stall will be free by the time we sell my mare. we probaly would like to do something with animals i thought about getting a miniature horse stallion and a few mares but my mom i dont think wants to do that. Can you give me some ideas anything is fine doesnt have to be animal related. Thanks

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    I personally would not get involved with breeding, esp. mini horses, usually you will end up loseing money with breeding. It costs around 5,000 dollars to breed and care for a mare while she is in foal until the foal is a weanling, rarely will you be able to sell the foal for over the cost it requires to breed. Where I am from it is impossible to sell mini horses, you can maybe get a couple hundred dollars for one. I feel like breeding mini horses is somewhat wrong, there are all ready too many of them, and they don't really have much purpose other then companion animals. Keep in mind, breeding isn't easy, mini horses have all sorts of health and genetic problems due to their size, in order to be a responsible breeder you need to be very knowledgeable so you do not breed unhealthy horses.

    You could try doing something like having a pony party buisness, get a couple small quiet ponies/horses and take them to children's birthday parties. You could also have a small petting farm with pony rides, and host children's birthday parties, or have a day care/summer camp/babysitting program at your place.

    My mom and I have a business making western show clothes, it has become pretty successful. We also sell horse show jewelry and accessories.

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    Sounds like you have the property, what you should do is get a few pipe corrals, fence off some pasture land and do some horse boarding. As for the minature horse business, it can be tough. There isn't alot of demand right now for the mini's, at least not in CA, and there is alot that goes into breeding, taking care of a pregnant mare, foaling, etc., so your costs would be high and your benefits would be low.

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    Breeding is a very complicated business to get into and on that small of a scale, I don't really think it would be worth it. If you have the experience, perhaps you could invest in an inexpensive project horse and train it on your own - then sell it for a profit. Otherwise, you are very limited on what you can do with one stall and 5 acres of land.

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    I agree with everyone horse breeding especially with mini's is a complicated business to get into and if you do it you probably need another business to support that one so probably not the best idea and even a mini stallion can be dangerous (perfect height to smash your knee caps). I would do boarding or you could even do lessons. Personally if you are going to do anything I would buy

    I've read it and it explained the pros and cons of lots of different business. That book is actually why I decided not to breed because its hard and time consuming to actually turn a profit and she mentioned stuff I hadn't thought about before.

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    What I would do is take in ponies and horses and put them all out to pasture. Then, one by one, I would train then and sell them for way more then the price you paid for them. It may seem like a lot, but if u have time, it will go by quickly. Hope this helps and good luck!

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    well that is fine but u don't have the land for that. My family has 55 acres and only 6 horse and they eat every thing so i think it would be fine if u want to do that.If u can buy some more land u could board. we are boarding one horse and it is not hard the guy comes to r house like 3 times a month to ride her.Also where i live it is one horse per acre i don't knw how it is where u live but u knw keep that in minded.

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    tack shop

    riding lessons


    homemade horse goodies like ( fly masks,chaps,treats, show bags, grooming bags, hay bags, shirts, horse paintings, etc...........)

    grooming ( for dogs, cats, horses)

    animal sitting

    dog walking

    horse training

    there is a bunch of small business out there all you have to do is think of what you want to do.

    good luck

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    raise goats,they are easy to handle,sell real good,and a lot of fun,and when the little ones are born they are so precious.i had 18 females 1 heard billy.i had little ones born every month.

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