when isG.M. going to stand behind warranties?

toyota nissan &kia build it right the first time.

Kia &Hyunda are at the top for warranties

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Toyota and Nissan make good products but they also have their fair share of lemmons as well. Most manufacturers have loop holes in their warranty plans that help cover stupid people...the type who drive the vehicle til the oil burns up which seizes the engine.

    As Far as Kia and Hyunda, you have not talked to many actual owners. The warranty may be great but they absolutely start falling apart with in a few months of the warranty ending.

    The test of a great vehicle is not the warranty. It is how many of them are still on the roadways running in 20 years.

    Source(s): Have friends who will never own a Kia or Hyunda again...and Experience with cars in general.
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  • 1 decade ago

    last i heard kia was bad gm does stand by thier warranties maybe it a dealer problem

    Source(s): gm owner 20 years and gm tech
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