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smokin' aces - israel? (spoiler)?

Not sure if I'll get any answers here. But I've watched Smokin' Aces a few times now and I still can't follow it. I get that Israel's heart is wanted for a transplant, but isn't there something wrong with his heart throughout the film? He has a big scar and keeps holding his chest when he's stressed out. Then he goes into cardiac arrest anyway, so how could his heart be any use?

So what's wrong with his heart?

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    right so ur not getting smoking aces then sweety? what would you like explained? The twist is that the guy who needs the heart is the old FBI agent who was supposedly shot in the 50s. But he never died, but instead of coming out and going back to the FBI, he went back into the mafia and worked undercover, and therefore disappearing because everyone thought he was dead, Buddy is his son from way back when, so therefore the heart match. The rest is just a twist of story lines to confuse the viewer to the point where the ending blows ur head, even tho it is quite simple. If all else fails then just enjoy how gorgeous Ryan Reynolds is and stuff the story line!

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    I don't believe there is anything wrong with his heart. He's a drug addict... he goes into cardiac arrest because of the drugs he's doin 24/7. That and probably high blood pressure from his high-strung ways. He starts to realize that there's no way out. Stress can be a real ***** sometimes. So can life.

    However, Ryan Reynolds is gorgeous in just about ANYTHING he does....

    Source(s): Watching the movie WAY too many times.
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