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is there a list of alternative healthcare practitioners of southeast missouri ?

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    The best place to find a naturopathic physician is to visit the website I have listed the two physicians that are registered in the state of Missouri.

    Jody Krukowski, NMD

    Company: Dancing Horizon Health, PC

    2400 Boonslick Dr

    Boonville,Missouri 65233

    (P) 660-882-9840

    Kimberly Wiseman, ND

    Company: Wiseman Naturopathic Center

    1910 A Greenwood Dr.

    Poplar Bluff,Missouri 63901

    (P) 573-785-6177

    You might also try contacting your chamber of commerce. You might also check to if you a alternative health magazines, many times that have listing for local providers. Natural Awakenings is a nationally alternative magazine which have local editions which are available at many heath food stores.

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    One of the better resources for finding alternative healthcare practitioners that I've found is at:

    It includes a fairly long list of specialties from acupuncture to yoga.

    It's only a little confusing to use the first time because once you select a specialty from the page listed above, you are usually taken to a page that lists the professional organizations for that specialty. So you must select one of the professional organizations and then you are taken to a page where you can search by city, zip code, state, etc.

    For example, say you select "Holistic Health Care" from the page above. At the next page, you would need to click on either "American Holistic Health Association" or "American Association for Health Freedom". At either of those two locations you can then search by zip code, state, etc.

    This process is the same for all of the specialties, except those that only have one option for professional association (e.g. Herbalism), in which case you would go directly to the search page for that organization (e.g. search the database of the American Herbalists Guild).

    It's a good resource because it provides access to the membership of many professional organizations related to alternative healthcare.

    As an FYI...I did a few cursory searches for Missouri and didn't find many practitioners near SE MO. Most of the practitioners listed tended to be located near the larger cities (e.g. St. Louis). Depending on how close you are to the state border, you might find more practitioners by searching in a nearby state. Just a thought.

    Good luck!

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