how much would a 45'cal 5inch xcp handgun cost?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Your question doesn't make much sense.

    45 cal = .45 caliber. Check

    5inch = 5 inch barrel. Check

    XCP = ??

    I've never heard of an "XCP." Is that a brand name, a model name, or a typo (supposed to be 'ACP' maybe)?

    Going with the assumption that it's some type of typo and that you mean some M1911 type of .45 ACP, I will say that any quality-made M1911 will run you some big bucks. Several hundred dollars, to several thousand depending upon what you want or need.

    You don't mention whether you want used or new, blued or stainless or parkerized, custom or basic model, and any additional features.

    A basic M1911 Mil-Spec model from Springfield in stainless could run around $600.

    A similar Hi-Standard (low-end manufacturer) model could run $400.

    A similar Colt (high-end manufacturer) could run $1000.

    Upgraded and special add-ons would take those costs significantly higher. If you can clarify what exactly you're looking for, maybe I can give you a better answer.

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