New Sod....Watering too much?

We have just sodded our lawn, and I am wondering how much/often I should water my lawn... can you "over do" watering, or will it cause no harm!?

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    Sod should be watered frequently with small amounts of water to encourage rooting. Apply water at least once per day during the first two weeks after installation. Use enough water to keep the sod and the soil beneath it moist but not soaking wet throughout the day. Be extra careful during hot, dry and windy weather — newly installed sod can dry out quickly. As more and more roots penetrate the soil (carefully lift the edges of strips in several locations to check), decrease the frequency of watering but increase the total amount of water applied each time to encourage a deep and healthy root system. Hand watering usually allows you to regulate the amount of water applied better than using a mechanical sprinkler.

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    I got sod on May 15. The landscape guy told me to soak it good the first 2 days. I watered each section about an hour a day after that for two weeks. Then in June I began every other day for 45 minutes for 2 weeks then from that point 1/2 hour every other day. My grass looks beautiful. My landscaper was buy a week ago and he said it was one of the best lawns he has ever seen.

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    When new turf is installed it is good to water for 15 to 20 minutes each area 2-3 times a day.

    This should be done starting in early morning, and avoid watering in evening hours for when the water lies without sun to dry this allows time for molds to develop, and can be harmful to lawns.

    Some people will argue this, but ask anyone in the lawn industry.

    Also this depends on how dry it is where you live, and how much turf area you have as well as if your drainage is good or poor.

    Source(s): I am in school for landscape designer.
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    15 minutes per area,three times a week for first 6 weeks,then 15 minutes per area 2 times a week.check weather and do not water in conjunction with rain.Water in early AM.

    Source(s): texas farmer
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    At this time of the season you will be physically unable to water it enough, so the answer to your question is no and water it as much as you can.

    Source(s): I am a landscaper with tons of sodding and lawn renovation experience.
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