Descendants of Aaron Brock..........................................?

Can anyone in here trace their ancestry to Aaron Brock?

His Cherokee name was Cutsuweh (he was known as Chief Red bird). Cutsuweh is Cherokee for Red Bird.

His mother was full blood Cherokee and his father was welsh.

He married a full blood Cherokee lady.

He was my 5th great grand father.

There are many conflicting stories about Chief Red Bird.

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    There is no proof that Aaron existed, nor is there any proof that Jesse and other Brocks in Kentucky were descended from Indians. On the contrary, the Brock Y-DNA belongs to the J1 haplo group. Meaning that his paternal line was not Indian. (Indians belong to Y-DNA group Q3).

    As for the the Brock maternal line it appears to belong to the H group, that is, a very common European mt-dna type. (Note that Indian MT-DNA types are A, B, C, D, and X). No Indian here either it seems.

    Among historical records, there is not documentation of a connection between the Kentucky Brocks and Chief Red Bird (or Cherokee Indians for that matter). In fact, Jesse Brock and his siblings were born in Cumberland County Virginia, too far east for that particular tribe.

    The internet is full of misinformation. One must be very careful in doing research on geneology.

    The best website that I have found about this subject is....

    This website has good information all which is backed up.

    Also, They have an ongoing DNA project.

    Source(s): Most of the information I have came from the above website and personal experience.
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    The only possible proof of any Indian ancestry in the Brocks is the interview between Jesse's grandson and Annie Walker Burns, which is hardly proof as it contradicts what we now know to be factual, based on DNA evidence.

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    There are 150 - 250 entries for him on

    depending on when you think he was born. Some have notes, some have soures, some have descendants. Some don't.

    Go crazy!

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