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What causes Self esteem issues with girls?

i know pple are gonna say "NOT ALL GIRLS HAVE SELF ESTEEM ISSUES!?!?" i know that.... but for the one that do. like the girls that say "i dont look good, I dunno y even try" and stuff like that. is it caz of magazines? pple around them? celebrities?


for the girls that feel that way, dont caz you make your self ugly when you feel "ugly".


my friend does that all the time and shes always sweet and nice but always bringing her self down.

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    Guys mostly make girls feel that way...the way they do or don't look at them. Esp the guys who think they are hotshots and can get all the girls yet only go after the pretty ones and leave the other girls standing there on the sidelines wishing she could have or destroy that one feature that separates her from all the others...I only speak with experience, because I was that girl on the sidelines...looking on, wishing she was pretty enough for the crowd. I had no self esteem until I met my husband. He saw me for me, hes partly what made me who I am today.

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    I think the for each individual female, there are different contributing factors to self esteem.

    And I will say, for the record, that even girls that are absolute stunners have self esteem issues.

    A main factor is self esteem I feel is looking at what other women look like and being envious or something even jealous. Looking in the mirror and seeing a wee tummy or tiny little imperfections, then watching tv or looking in magazines and seeing these gorgeouis women with totally unattainable figures. What a lot of women fail to realise is that most of the women on tv and magazines have just come from 2 hours in make up, or have personal trainers and chefs etc. And then there is airbrush.

    I think that women are taught from a young age that there are certain things that society deems attractive and that if you don't possess them then you will never be happy or "get a man" or whatever other mindless plastic fantastic ******** we are expected to swallow.

    Then there are experiences that we have in our lives that make us question ourselves. These do not have to be about physical appearance, they can be to do with holding down a job or being a good mum or whatever.

    Myself personally, my self esteem fluctuates. I remember when I was about 14, seeing a guy I went to primary school with and he said to me "wow, what happened to you? You got fat". This affected me a lot. I'm not overly big, I'm bigger than I want to be, but not what I would deem to be fat, yet for some reason, this guys comment has stayed with me for years.

    And abusive relationships can destroy self esteem aswell, it can be very hard to remember what a great person you are if your partner is hitting you, or putting you down or cheating......

    And may I just say in closing, that self esteem issues are not gender based. Men can have low self esteem aswell.

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    I used to work in a bar with a bunch of strippers. The ones that were ok, but not real pretty seemed so full of themselves and the ones that were really pretty had the biggest self esteem issues. I'm not sure why. I think that girls are the worst on each other for crap like that when they should be more supportive.

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    Mostly other people around us. Well, that's the way it is for me. When I see other girls, I'll be like, I can never be that pretty/thin. It's not like I do it on purpose. Like I really want to feel bad about myself, but it's just so hard not to when you see all these girls that look perfect and I just don't. I suppose it also has something to do with celebrities, but not really for me. And no one ever told me that I was pretty, and I was always made fun of when I was younger. It's difficult to get past that.

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  • Because being rejected by guys and society gives it to them..Anything can cause it from really bad trauma in early childhood, till what the tabloids say...Theres just got to be someone out there to reasure them, and to respect thats what gives a girl self esteem...

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    I do. The media is often responsible for portraying an idealized lifestyle as normal. Take for example magazines such as Cleo and Cosmopolitian that try to sell their readers advice on how to become the "ideal" woman - one who is gorgeous, intelligent, fashionable, confident, has a high income and has an active and adventurous sex life. Of course, we know that this lifestyle is unobtainable, just as we know that the pictures are photoshopped and the "real life" sex stories are actually fiction. But it still creates a sense of longing within us. We want to be that woman and feel disappointed when we fall short of the ideal.

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    1.) it's because of guys

    picture this:

    two women, both have great personalities, both are smart, both get along with you...

    then one of them has a jessica alba bod, while the other is chubby.. lets say fat.

    who would you date???

    2.) because of beauty and fashion magazines.

    whenever you see models, it looks good on them, then once you try the dress on yourself.. it looks different.

    why? coz you have a basis - the models and mannequins.

    if nobody had a notion what a dress should look like on them, then there wouldnt be a disappointment on their part.

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    self-esteem can stem from childhood. For example, a mom can be overbearing, always telling her daughter to lose weight. That can affect a person all the way through adulthood.

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    Yeah I think it's becuase of model ads in magazines & celebrities. I say everyone is beautiful becuase even in a million years there is never going to be another you. Which is why everyone is unique.

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    I dont have them,but when i did it was cos my stupid ex left me for a horrrrriifffic excuse for a human being... Thats all ( p.s im fine now) xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

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