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What ever happened to this singer Steve Perry...and?

is he gay, he looks gay? no offence..some people just told me..I like alot of the 70's rock music, but this guy looks funny..


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he looks kind a little femine..but this song is cool. look at these guys they look stoned.

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    no more journey psyche outs!

    just because he has long hair and looks effeminate doesnt mean he's gay....there was alot of long hair back then, men AND women... have you looked at freddie mercury?

    all im saying is that just cause someone looks like what you think "gay" is supposed to look like....and does it really make a difference to the music if they like to make love to men or women??

    to answer what ever happened to steve perry....

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    he had a cameo role in BASEketball.

    "Steeeeeeeeeeeeeve PERRY!"

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