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Getting to Mexico?

I'm a permanent resident in Canada. Do I need to get a visa to go to Mexico? I have a valid Chinese passport and the Canada permanent resident card.

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    I think you will need a visa. Even if you're a Canadian resident, you're citizenship is Chinese.

    Countries that need a visa:

    You will need a visa if you are a citizen of:

    * Afghanistan

    * Albania

    * Algiers

    * Angola

    * Antigua and


    * Armenia

    * Azerbaijan

    * Bahrain

    * Bangladesh

    * Barbados

    * Belarus

    * Benin

    * Bhutan

    * Bolivia

    * Bosnia and Herzegovina

    * Botswana

    * Brazil

    * Brunei

    * Burkina Faso

    * Burundi

    * Cambodia

    * Cameroon

    * Cape Verde

    * Central African


    * Chad

    * China

    * Colombia

    * Comoros

    * Congo

    * Congo, Rep. Dem (Zaire)

    * Cote d'lvoire

    * Croatia

    * Cuba

    * Djibouti

    * Dominica

    * Dominican Republic

    * East Timor

    * Ecuador

    * Egypt

    * Eritrea

    * Ethiopia

    * Fiji

    * Gabon

    * Gambia

    * Georgia

    * Ghana

    * Grenada

    * Guatemala

    * Guinea

    * Guinea Bissau

    * Haiti

    * Honduras

    * India

    * Indonesia

    * Iran

    * Iraq

    * Jordan

    * Kazakhstan

    * Kenya

    * Kiribati

    * Korea, North

    * Kuwait

    * Kyrgyzstan

    * Laos

    * Lebanon

    * Lesotho

    * Liberia

    * Libya

    * Macedonia

    * Madagascar

    * Malawi

    * Maldives

    * Mali

    * Marshall Islands

    * Mauritania

    * Mauritius

    * Micronesia

    * Moldova

    * Mongolia

    * Morocco

    * Mozambique

    * Myanmar (Burma)

    * Namibia

    * Nauru

    * Nepal

    * Nicaragua

    * Niger

    * Nigeria

    * Oman

    * Pakistan

    * Panama

    * Palestine

    * Papua New


    * Paraguay

    * Peru

    * Philippines

    * Qatar

    * Russian Federation

    * Rwanda


    Sahrawi Arab Dem. Rep.

    * Saint Kitts

    and Nevis

    * Saint Vincent and

    the Grenadines

    * Salomon Islands

    * Sao Tome and


    * Saudi Arabia

    * Senegal

    * Serbia and


    * Seychelles Islands

    * Sierra Leone

    * Somalia

    * South Africa

    * Sri Lanka

    * Stateless Persons

    * Sudan

    * Surinam

    * Swaziland

    * Syria

    * Taiwan

    * Tajikistan

    * Tanzania

    * Thailand

    * The Bahamas

    * Togo

    * Tonga

    * Trinidad and


    * Tunisia

    * Turkey

    * Turkmenistan

    * Tuvalu

    * Uganda

    * Ukraine

    * United Arab


    * Uzbekistan

    * Vanuatu

    * Vietnam

    * Western Samoa

    * Yemen

    * Zaire

    * Zambia

    * Zimbabwe

    You must contact the nearest Mexican Embassy or Consulate to apply for your visa and migration form (

    In this case, you must submit:


    Passport or valid identification and travel document.

    * Proof of economic solvency, with one of the following documents:

    Proof of stable employment or independent activity in your place of residency, accrediting a minimum monthly income of US$ 500.00, or

    Proof of real estate ownership, duly registered in your name, or

    Copy of your bank or securities account statement with average annual balance of at least US$ 2,000.00, or Copy of an international credit card.


    Airline ticket confirming your return to your country of origin or residency.

    * The citizens of Belize, Jamaica, El Salvador and Malaysia do not need visa, but they must go to some Mexican consulate to obtain the migratory from.

    For family members (spouse, children, or parents) to accompany you, you must prove their status.

    As tourist, you will be able to remain in Mexico 180 days.

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    Since you have a Chinese passport, you will need to go in person to the nearest Mexican consulate to apply for a visa. See the website below...scroll down to bottom of page to see the contact info for the 4 Mexican consulates in Canada. The fact that you LIVE in Canada is not what counts, it is the passport you travel under...the country you are a citizen of...and citizens of China need a visa to visit Mexico

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    I would not try to lie to the immigration department. Please think about it your boyfriend probably took some sort of picture or got an id or something that can say that he was here and then he will be in deeper than he already is. The only way to fix his problem is to apply for the I-130 and then after it gets approved go back to Mexico through the normal border and ask for a pardon for being in the US illegally at the consulate (that will take about 6 months or so). The only way he will be able to come back legally (if he is granted the pardon) is if you are his wife and a US citizen and you petition for him on the I-130. Good Luck!

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    i don´t know, im from méxico and when i went to canada i didn´t need visa, maybe is the same...

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    Are you Zhenli Ye Gon or are you realted to him? If so, be careful.

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