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reasons for birth control other than birth control?

what are some reasons to get birth control other than the borth control part? i'm still a virgin and plan to stay one for a while. i just have really bad periods and need some reasons to tell my mom when i talk to her about it. also, what are the side effects? is throwing up one of them? and what would be the best birth control to use?

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    Birth control is really good with regulating you cycle and making it more consistant. The side effects include but not limited to high blood pressure and others. Throwinf up is not a side effect.

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    Really bad periods can be a sign of hormone imbalances or endometriosis. Some women use the pill to help regulate their periods because of hormone imbalances and to treat the pain of endometriosis. Some also use it to try and control cysts if they are always getting them.

    The side effects of the pill can be weight gain (which is caused by water retention which comes as a result of the hormones), nauseau (the way to deal with that for some is to change the time of day they take it, and also eating before they take the medication). There should be no throwing up but if there is the woman should talk to her doctor about it.

    As for the best birth control pill it's hard to say. It will depend on what is causing the periods to be so bad. I would recommend talking to a gynecologist about the issue with your periods to try and figure out what is causing the problem. Then they can help you to try to figure out if the pill is the right choice for you and which one may be most helpful.

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    There are lots of reasons why people might take birth control but not for birth control. Some girls take it to regulate or lighten their periods, others for acne. I think you should see your GP or gynae about your bad periods and the birth control. Taking into account your age and symptoms (what you mean by "bad", painful, long, irregular, clotting etc.) they will be able to pick the right pill. It could be maybe you would be better off with just proper pain killers for cramping. Side effects do include nausea and weight gain but not with all people on all pills; a lower dose one might work for you. You really need to see your doctor about this!

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    Don't get birth control pills just for the sake of getting birth control pills. There are several side effects, but throwing up is not one. It can make you a little nausous though. It can give you blood clots, as well.

    Don't take pills! Look into some natural remedies for your bad periods. There are teas and herbs you can take for that. There are natural health books you can read.

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    the best pill for you to use would be a combined pill like microgynon that you take for 21 days then have a 7 day break when you have your period. these pills regulate your period and also lessen stomach cramps and make periods lighter. they also help to clear the skin of acne or normal spots becaus they top up the hormones.

    side effects on this kind of pill are nausea, although i didn't really get that problem, some weight gain (a couple of pounds maybe just for the first couple of months and then it subsides), decrease in sex drive which is probably for the best considering your only young!

    tell your mother that you heard they reduced stomach cramps and that you really want them cause you cant bare another months cramps. she'll understand where your coming from and reassure her that your not redy for sex so that she knows theyre not for that purpose and can put her mind at ease. it may take time to find the pill that best suits you but keep at it cos its worth it not having to worry about cramps as well as everything else!

    good luck!

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    The pills are also used to help regulate and control the bleeding/cramping you have during your mentral cycle.. I have never heard of any one throwing up with the pill some has later developed so side effects after being on the pill for several years..

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    I used to get sick when I took birth control pills. My doctor had me try several different kinds. The best thing for me was to just take them before going to sleep & that helped. And they helped SO much with period cramping & reduced the bleeding A LOT! Talk to your doctor & try different ones till you find which works best with your body. Good luck to you :)

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    You can take it if you are having irregular periods. I'd say about 50% of women do. It helps you keep on your cycle.

    Actually every women I've dated has been on the pill since they were 13 years old because they had irregular periods. So its not that uncommon of something to have or take.

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    talk to your doctor. or local pharmacist they will be able to tell you the most but hormones it can help balance them. it also helps with acne and other things and sometimes bleeding to much but i would check with one of the 2 i mentioned at first because they will be able to give you all of the details. and don't take anyones word for it pills are pills and you should know all of the ups and downs from a professional.

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    Birth control pills will help make your periods lighter. They are very safe plus it will help keep acne away!

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