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It's very sad, but my pastor, had to back out of my wedding ceremony. We had had all of our meeting and all. He sited personal, family medical issues as the cause. Isn't sure if he'd be available on the date. Which is less than a month away. Also stated, he didn't want to not be able to give 100%. I respect all of that. I Just don't know what to do now.

What options do you suggest?

How do I go about finding a replacement in time.?

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    I'm sure your pastor could recommend someone else to take his place. If you're getting married in a church, then there should be more than one pastor who could marry you. If you're having a civil ceremony then you should consult your local government website - the county clerk should have a list of officiants in your area as well as contact information, etc.

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    Look for a wedding officiant, versus a JP. They should personalize the wedding ceremony more towards your idea of the perfect ceremony. Check out or to search for officiants in your area. Talk to them on the phone and get a feel for how they work. They should be able to perform the ceremony exactly how you want it done, religious, non-religious, simple, complex, whatever, and you should feel comfortable leaving your ceremony in their hands. Best wishes!

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    Can your pastor recommend someone to you? If not, is there another church (of your denomination) nearby that you can contact and explain your situation? Also, judges are able to perform this ceremony; that is another possibility. Also, ask your wedding planner, as s/he works with engaged couples and may be able to recommend someone to you. Fortunately, you do still have time to find someone else. Sorry this happened to you.

    Best wishes.

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    Ask him if he can recommend someone. He may know of a pastor in a church of the same branch of your faith. Go to the website of the national organization for your faith. See if you can find someone in your area that way, if your pastor cannot recommend anyone.

    In some states, a notary public can perform marriages. Most of them will be happy to read a Bible passage for you, although they are not clergypersons. Call a notary and ask if notaries can perform weddings in your state.

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    is there someone else at the church that can perform the ceremony - if not try local churches.. the priest that married us was from a different church than the wedding was held at.. no biggie.

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    Ask your pastor if he knows another pastor. I am sure he has got connections with someone.

    Good luck!

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    you pastor should have associates to recommend

    He cannot be a

    christian and leave you hight and dry

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