African names help please... for project?

Hi There, I am a child care provider and I am currently doing an African theme with the kids this and next week. We have already done Hawaii and Mexico... please could someone help me find alternate names for the following names... serious intelligent answers only please as this is for the benefit of the children I teach. I am making a passport for each child with their names in each language.

Names to translate are

Griffin (boy)

Evann (girl)

Mackenzie (girl)

Connor (boy)

Ethan (boy)

Kaitlyn (girl)

Thank you for your help

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    Jeez, I lived in Tanzania (East Africa) for three and a half years but these are NOT common names in East Africa. I can tell you how they would be pronounced and spelled by the Swahili people, but I have never met anyone by these names there.

    here's a quick rundown on the vowel sounds -

    a = ah

    e = ayy

    i = eee

    o = oh

    u = ooh (like you or through)

    Grifin (GREE-feen)

    Yevan - (YAY-vahn)

    Makinzi - (Mah-KEEN-zee)

    Canor - (CAH-nor)

    Ezan (EE-san)

    Ketlin (KAYT-leen)

    Hope this helps or at least gives your some food for thought. E-mail me directly if you need any Kiswahili translation.

    Source(s): Living in Tanzania for several years?
  • Adeola (girl), Adeshola (girl) Fumilola (girl), Folakay (girl), Mali (boy) Umoja, Ujima, Ujamma, Samory, Yaa Asentewa, there are more lists of names. Just go to and look in the part that has Afrikan names. Also, if you need anymore information about Afrikan culture so that you can properly teach the children, just email me at

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    griffin = warning = waarskuwing

    i know some african -blacks.

    their name means

    god, gods life, desk, pencil, loved....

    not like griffin or something like that.

    they dont have those names.

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